Middle Class Housewife Poem by patricia Northall

Middle Class Housewife

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This then is your life
A fully fledged stay at home wife,
How comfy, how warm,
Central heating at the stretch of an arm.
How marvellous, how quick,
The washing's done at the flick of a switch.
How understanding, how undemanding
When the meal is cooked
Without hours of mixing and standing.
How lovely, how grand,
The cleaning's done without a dirty hand.
No beds to make, only a duvet to shake.

I must do the shopping, Oh that's nice,
The freezer has enough to feed us
At least another twice.
I must ring the grocer and have him bring round
All those heavy boxes
It is time I unwound
From chore after chore.
I wonder sometimes, as on my bed I lie,
How marvellous, what bliss
To know that modern man invented all this.
But why? was it also his intention
That I should create some new invention.

Well, I think I can,
It's what every woman needs
When she has time to spare, it has flair
And a certain sophistication,
When friends call, just to mention,
'Oh by the way, I'm also having an affair'.

Sunday, March 23, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
A poem written when living in the Lake District in 1978, the forerunner of on line shopping, as in remote villages, the general store delivered weekly shopping, and life wasa very slow paced affair.
Valerie Dohren 23 March 2014

Glad you wrote this back in 1978 Patricia - now we are in the 21st century, I'd like to think it is no longer entirely a woman's lot! ! As for the affair, well one has to have some sort of compensation, doesn't one. Great poem, very forward looking. Enjoyed reading.

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patricia Northall

patricia Northall

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