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it was like the fourth of july
with lights and sparks
as your lips touched mine
and we touched hearts


Im a middle class white teen
i dont own a single care
about the world or its hunger
or the people in dispair

i sat down at the table
trusting her with my heart
fragile to the touch
it could easily fall apart

A smile caught me off guard today
as i was walking to a beat
i forgot my futile troubles
as you swept me off my feet

i hear a thousand voices
and i am one of them
crying to be heard
like a newborn child

like a fourth of july rocket
sparks flew in the air
i peeked and caught your eye
but you didnt seem to care

i lost who i was once
in this monster i've become
i've started the war of my heart
but i need it to be done

you say 'i love you'
but i know what you mean
you just mean as friends
but my love isnt seen

i've gone blank again
an overdose of apathy

scarred with burns

one of those days
again with that time
of strange assurance
and dramatic rhyme

i once was broken
left on my own
only my shadow with me
very lost and alone

a spellbound silence
all i do is stare
but its the magic around us
that we dare to share

i had the pleasure once
to take your love for a spin
welcomed by flashy lights
the promise drew me in

sweet dreams
im watching you
just waiting
for you

you never know what you have
until its taken away
but the thing that hurts me the worst
is that i didnt see the fade

growth of a nation
the growth of a heart
the birth of rebellion
when order comes apart

With my hands
i held a knife
i held a gun
i held my life


A wanted felon
or a superstar
can runaway
but cant go far

not sure what this is about
im just trying to make it rhyme
a random wacky poem
cause im wasting useless time

Some how the world knows how i feel
its raining out side
a small trickle of water
just a tap, tap, tap

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im another musician. another teen. another son. another person living. im just telling my story through some weird words and phrases. sometimes im silly and sometimes im solemn. but after all im only human)

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First Kiss

it was like the fourth of july
with lights and sparks
as your lips touched mine
and we touched hearts

as i savored the moment
and i looked in your eyes
i started to float
and flew off to the skies

and before i knew it
our hearts combined
and we soared forever
as our souls alined

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Nevaeh 101 11 March 2010

I think Patrick is a very unique person and is very lovable. :)

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