Patti Wilburn Haney

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Patti Wilburn Haney Poems

1. ‎ 'Moonlight Tan Revisited' 4/19/2011
2. 'Kitten' 4/19/2011
3. 'My Prayer' 4/19/2011
4. ‎ 'Like Children' 4/19/2011
5. 'Moonlight Tan' 4/19/2011
6. 'She' 4/19/2011
7. 'Namaste' 4/19/2011
8. 'Spring' 4/19/2011
9. 'Verses' 4/19/2011
10. 'Do You Think...' 4/19/2011
11. 'Romance' 4/19/2011
12. 'The Road' 4/19/2011
13. 'My Guardian Angel' 4/19/2011
14. 'The Lightning Rod' 4/24/2011
15. 'Cuddling Weather' 5/1/2011
16. 'Immersed' 5/1/2011
17. 'Fate' 4/19/2011
18. No Secret Friend 6/25/2011
19. The Joker 6/25/2011
20. He Doesn'T Know 6/25/2011
21. Rasberry Kisses 11/15/2011
22. The Maiden Fair 11/15/2011
23. Have You Ever 11/15/2011
24. I Dreamt Of You 9/17/2012
25. I Worry 10/20/2012
26. 'Sing Out In Tribute' 5/28/2014
27. 'Lost To You' 5/12/2011
28. Stolen Kiss 4/19/2011
29. Blade 4/19/2011
30. My Addiction 4/21/2011
31. New Day 6/25/2011
32. Secret Smile 4/19/2011
33. 'Snow Angel' 4/19/2011
34. 'Pecan' 5/12/2011
35. Dark Place 6/25/2011
36. My Lighthouse 5/12/2011
37. 'You Don'T Have To Thank Me....' 4/24/2011

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'You Don'T Have To Thank Me....'

You don't have to thank me
For loving you
You make it easy
The open heart you show
You don't have to thank me
For needing you
You show me every day
The caring words you let flow
You don't have to thank me
For wanting you
The passionate tide
On which we both ride
You don't have to thank me
For protecting you
Your gentle heart bruised
Has been tossed to the side
You don't have to thank me
For spoiling you
The way you treat me
Feels like fine wine
You don't have to thank me
For loving you
In all that you are
The pleasure is ...

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'My Prayer'

Father grant us the ability to put our destiny in your hands.
Watch over those we love and keep them safe from harm.
Give us the wisdom and compassion to look at situations for what they are...not what others believe them to be.
...Give us the ability to hold onto hope when all seems lost.
Teach us to forgive those who have wronged or maligned us no matter how heinous.
Give us the ability to love our fellow man wholeheartedly and without question or reservation.
Give us the faith lord to r

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