Science And Ethics Poem by Paul Hartal

Science And Ethics

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Science flies the triumphal banners
of magnificent human accomplishments.
Mind you, among many other things,
it provides us with antibiotics, electricity
and plastics, and (without the use of
modern computers) it put astronauts
on the moon.

However, science is a dangerous endeavor.
It has allowed increasing global pollution.
It also ushered in a permanent threat
of nuclear annihilation.
Without science Auschwitz and Hiroshima
would not have been possible.

Thus science is a paradoxical enterprise.
Its massive pillars are tested facts.
It prides itself in being objective.
It pursues the spiralling course of truth
but truth remains constantly elusive.

Science lacks intrinsic ethical safeguards.
It has no built-in values serving as its
moral compass.It alienates itself
from human emotions, aiming at
transcending good and evil.

Consequently, love and compassion
are excluded from the edifice of
the scientific method.
Although specialized skills, cold observation,
mathematical exactitude not necessarily
ostracise, nevertheless, they leave poetry,
heart and flowers standing behind the fence.

Saturday, November 8, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophy
Savita Tyagi 27 December 2022

Great write. Science hasn't understood the language of heart and its eternal place.

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Leeann Azzopardi 26 March 2019

i feel that way when techology tries to divide us, but it also bring us together in a way thanks for sharing

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Paul Hartal 27 March 2019

Thank You for your comment, Leeann/

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Valsa George 15 March 2018

Wonderful.write.......! Science focuses only on exactitude and not on the plenitude of man as one of soul and body!

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Paul Hartal 17 March 2018

Thank you, Valsa, for reading the poem and your erudite comment.

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Rajkamal P.j 08 November 2014

Science erodes ethics.true. Good write.

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Paul Hartal 17 March 2018

Thank you for your appreciation.

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Douglas Scotney 08 November 2014

good Paul. Now do one on bankers

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Paul Hartal 17 March 2018

Thank you for reading my poem

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