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Everybody get your feet off the ground
Wherever on earth your feet are bound,
For beneath you the worms are moving around.

There are those who dream their lives away
Down at the Greasy Spoon Cafe
Where the tea's like mud the spoon stands up in
And the coffee leads to an early coffin.

One day my living room wall
Began to talk to me
And, naturally enough,
A reply was obligatory.

They made a splash from the first
As you might have guessed,
Took off, as if to water,
With their usual sort of zest,

I fell in love with a couch potato
But it didn't have eyes for me.
I tried to talk about Marx and Plato
But it was deaf to philosophy.

These creatures never need to read
To be intimate with literature.

Harmless enough in their way,

Let me be in your B-movie
If only as an extra,
No role's too small for me.
As a bit part player

Together with the proof you are never alone
Fried brains come free with your mobile phone.
Hear the pop of cells in your ear as you speak -
Yes, you're on your way to becoming a freak

Pouting sweetly her rouge-red lips,
Was this the face that lauched a million chips
And cooked the cod for poor young William?

How I welcome my dose of secondhand smoke,
Especially from the bloke who thinks it's fine
To smoke under a 'No Smoking' sign
In a shop or a pub or even on a bus.

As the Managing Director I take care
Of the newly privatised realm of air.
Though my salary is, some might deem,
Just a little on the far side of extreme,

Al Cohol smiled so cheerily at me,
A friend indeed he seemed to be.
When he gave a peculiar sneer of contempt
I wasn't the object, I was exempt,

Paul Lester Biography

'Born in Birmingham, England, Paul Lester has published some thirty booklets of poetry, beginning with A Funny Brand of Freedom (Arts Lab Press,1975) , and his paperback collections are By the Scruff Of the Neck(BMI,1995) and Going For Broke(Protean,2004) .His poetry has been broadcast on BBC Radio One and the BBC World Service. 'He has performed his poetry with a variety of musical accompaniment.A 23-track CD is available from Protean Pubs entitled The Legend Of Lester featuring work spanning over twenty-five years with musicians whose styles range from reggae and rock (Lester And The Festers) to experimental jazz (Lester And The Brew) and, most recently, electronic synthesizer effects (Lester And The Loopster) .In 2008 a 16-track album appeared, entitled My Career As A Dead Man, and a further 16-track album, Walking Through Walls, came out in 2011. Some samples of his work combining poetry and music can be located on and 'Much of his work, which includes short fiction, is available from Protean Pubs'.)

The Best Poem Of Paul Lester

Be Kind To Worms' Week

Everybody get your feet off the ground
Wherever on earth your feet are bound,
For beneath you the worms are moving around.

There is a slogan the whole world will speak -
The Greek, the Sikh, and in Mozambique
They'll declare a 'Be Kind To Worms' Week.

For remember that worms are just like you,
So many cells and so much glue,
Except they can't chop you in two.

Nevertheless, we must confess,
A 'Be Kind To Worms' Week' could be quite a success,
The start of something big, a Worm Party Congress.

Comrade Worm upon the stage,
Long and slippery, a faceless sage,
Will proclaim the coming of a New Worm Age.

All the populace will be aghast
At this glorious saviour come at last
To preach the doctrine of the Great Worm Caste.

A Worm Party just has to win;
They get right to you if you're fat or thin
Since we have to have something to get buried in.

You could almost say worms are profound
Since you're never quite sure where they'll be found,
In a pile of manure or in consecrated ground.

You could almost say worms are sublime
Since they've never been guilty of a serious crime,
Though they slither through slime and dirt most of the time

No more a bait for the fisherman's lie
Or trapped in puddles and left to die,
No more a treat for the beasts that fly;

They will come, their destinies to seek,
Out of their earthly homes the worms will sneak
To celebrate 'Be Kind To Worms' Week'.

So forsake your shovels, no trampling on the lawn,
Wormkind badges compulsorily worn,
The Worms' Turn cometh with the Worm Dawn.

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