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Down At The Greasy Spoon Cafe

Rating: 4.9

There are those who dream their lives away
Down at the Greasy Spoon Cafe
Where the tea's like mud the spoon stands up in
And the coffee leads to an early coffin.

Herein, with my nostalgia for smells, I'd
Happily get high on all things fried;
For what's on offer here's rasher than bacon,
There's always some ingredient to egg you on.

Oh, ketch-up smeared like blood across the meal
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Paul Lester 22 November 2005

Thanks for the positive feedback, Max, though I can't grasp the objection to the use of the word 'chance'.The Greasy Spoon Cafe is a great British national institution being, alas, destroyed by the spread of the clone culture of corporate fast-food interests.But examples of the Greasy Spoon Cafe do continue their heroic resistance here and there.

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Max Reif 08 July 2005

It's very readable and paints a strong portrait. Some really good lines. I like, 'The stodge, the leftovers and the fat, The gristle and rind fit only for the cat, ' for exampe. Can really see/smell it. When you say, 'all you chance to eat? ' are you using 'chance' consciously? I don't see where the 'chance' comes in, exactly, and I think every word needs to be conscious. (not sure if I do that myself, but I try) . Did someone really name a restaurant 'The Greasy Spoon Cafe'?

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