Paul Moosberg

Rookie (6-25-82 / Texas)

Paul Moosberg Poems

1. Contempt Of What This Is 6/25/2006
2. Holes Not Whole 7/9/2006
3. Killing Pi 7/10/2006
4. This I Believe 7/11/2006
5. Electric 7/12/2006
6. What Am I Doing Here? 6/28/2006
7. Electric Ways 9/11/2006
8. Universal Pc 9/11/2006
9. Tonight Again 9/12/2006
10. Just A Lens 9/12/2006
11. Levels Of Selection 9/14/2006
12. Hexing Hexagons 9/19/2006
13. Clusters Of Pc Bios 9/26/2006
14. Happy Birthday 9/28/2006
15. Ceiling Fans 10/13/2006
16. My Gravity 10/27/2006
17. I Do A Little Thing 10/28/2006
18. A Pale Comparison 5/9/2007
19. The Hidden Sonnet 5/9/2007
20. To Write A Realization 5/12/2007
21. Why I Write 5/12/2007
22. I Speak In Words Of Apple Sauce 5/12/2007
23. I’d Like To Write A Sonnet Just In Fun 5/12/2007
24. To Play With Beats To See What Comes To Run 5/12/2007
25. When You Deceive 12/8/2010
26. With You 11/30/2006
27. Writer's Block 9/25/2006
28. Christmas Time 12/23/2007
29. My First Sonnet 5/9/2007
30. Lightning Farms 8/8/2006
31. Flowering A Hexagon 12/5/2006
32. Magnets 11/20/2006
33. My Mall 8/15/2006
34. I Aspire To Respire 6/29/2006
35. Power Of Squares 7/31/2006
36. A Beautiful Mind Intro 7/13/2006
37. Motherboards 7/13/2006
38. Washing Machines 7/13/2006
39. Aurora Borealis 7/15/2006
40. Eight And Or Seven Layers Of Containment And Or Control 6/27/2006
Best Poem of Paul Moosberg

Autism's My

MY Autism’s a world inside of my mind
LANGUAGE in image, picture in rhyme
SPEAKING the word to which I am blind
PICTURES of echo, sounds of mime

MY impression of logic, perception aligned
THOUGHTS without thinking analyze time
LEAKING the threads, I’m falling behind
RHYME of the code or code of the rhyme

MY future at question, equations dissolve
LIFE’S warm expression to have and to hold
PEEKING out question that no one will solve
OUTWARD confusion, settled and sold


EVERYTHING’S nothing and nothing’s to be
INSIDE of ...

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A Southern Turn

Walkin down the timeless sound, of how the west was won
Keepin’ fight to win what’s right for badge of job well done
With sheriff’s way on town astray, to save a mother’s son
The start of heart with northern part the south said witha gun

So west regressed into a mess, as southern started south
To keep control for fair to roll to all of southern mouth
We do what’s best for all the rest, secede the north from south
While power lay in northern way we doubt the union’s clout

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