Autism's My Poem by Paul Moosberg

Autism's My

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MY Autism’s a world inside of my mind
LANGUAGE in image, picture in rhyme
SPEAKING the word to which I am blind
PICTURES of echo, sounds of mime

MY impression of logic, perception aligned
THOUGHTS without thinking analyze time
LEAKING the threads, I’m falling behind
RHYME of the code or code of the rhyme

MY future at question, equations dissolve
LIFE’S warm expression to have and to hold
PEEKING out question that no one will solve
OUTWARD confusion, settled and sold


EVERYTHING’S nothing and nothing’s to be
INSIDE of nothing shall everything flee
MY autism’s brain has its world to see
MIND or my matter questionably

Joseph Daly 16 June 2006

I think that you tried to build the narration of this piece in a unique manner. Unfortunately the use of rhyme and the manner that you utilise it, overshadows the whole thing. Some people are almost natural when it comes to using rhyme. the rhyme in this piece sounds forced as if it needs to rhyme. It comes across as a children's poem. that is a shame because I think you might have been onto something novel otherwise.

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Paul Moosberg 16 June 2006

possibily, but it just flowed out of me. yet i can identify that, just because this was the first poem i ever wrote. but welcome to my mind. i am wanting more codes than any normal person probably would. and i wrote it just to help identify who i am to myself. as john nash would say, i am the best natural code breaker.

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Mary Nagy 07 September 2006

I love this poem Paul. Not only do I love the rhyme (I don't care who says rhyme is dead) , but, I love the way you've set it up for the first word in each line to become a poem on its own! Very creative. Great job. Sincerely, Mary

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Andie D 14 December 2006

thank you... for an awesome insight paul... so amazingly written... x

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PAUL..MUCH INFORMATION METICULOUSLY EXPRESSED.DETAILS, PERCEPTIONS ARE ALL STORY LINE FOR YOU...THAT IS YOUR MAGIC, THAT IS YOUR GIFT...THIS PIECE IS CRISP, TIGHT IN STRUCTURE...SMOOTH IN FLUXION,7 to me, a nost facinating outer glimpse into what you want to so generously share in your work... (1st STANZA? LAST LINE...REMOVE'a'...mime by itself says more& flows better...just a recco.) another beaut, paul! ''''''''''''''''''''FRANK

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Bharati Nayak 08 November 2015

So beautiful poem.Deep thought and wonderful expression.

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Lyn Paul 07 August 2015

Thank you for this insight into Autism providing us with an understanding. Excellent choice for Poem of the day.

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Elena Plotkin 07 August 2015

Brilliant Poem! I have added to my favorites. I am completely in agreement with Kevin Patrick's comment. It really is wonderful to see you have tackled the subject matter head on, and you do do a delicate job of exploring what it is like to be someone on the outside of a world that is alien but familiar. 10++ Well Done!

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Ramesh T A 07 August 2015

Nice rhyming rhythmic poem about autism is wonderfully rendered in this poem!

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Kevin Patrick 25 December 2012

This is truly stellar as someone who is diagnosed with Aspergers (though not with the level of High IQ as yours) its wonderful to see you have tackled the subject matter head on, and you do a delicate job of exploring what it is like to be someone on the outside of a world that is alien but familiar. I think this should be recited to people who are not familiar with High Spectrum Autism, because their are a lot of ignorant people and this would be educational for people to read. Thank you for writing this and possessing the language to articulate what I have always wanted to do.

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