Paula TH

Rookie (In May, in the late 60's Flower baby.)

Paula TH Poems

1. Hello Warm, Goodbye Cold 1/15/2012
2. Walk On By 1/15/2012
3. Judgement Day She Will Be There 1/15/2012
4. Bright Were The Days So Don'T Give Up 1/15/2012
5. We Have To Get Together Sometime Soon 1/15/2012
6. Causes Of Immediate Reaction 1/15/2012
7. Pay Your Dues 1/15/2012
8. Sun Seasonal Disorder 1/16/2012
9. Black Cloud Of Pain 1/16/2012
10. Comedian Love 1/23/2012
11. Puppet People 1/23/2012
12. Hurt The Shooting Star 2/2/2012
13. Shooting Star Can Be Happy Too 2/2/2012
14. So Much More To Say 2/7/2012
15. Better Now That You Are Still There And I Am Here 2/7/2013
16. In The Country 2/8/2013
17. Just Now 1/13/2012
18. War Just Outside My Door 1/14/2012
19. Lost Poetry Forever 3/30/2013
20. Anti Social 1/14/2012
21. All That I Need 1/15/2012
22. Before I Was Made 2/7/2012
23. Loyal 1/15/2012
24. Friend Leave 1/16/2012
25. I Would Do Anything For You 2/7/2013
Best Poem of Paula TH

I Would Do Anything For You

but for some reason you see it in your heart to do nothing for me
What is it that you can't see?
So blind to the ways of giving
what are your thoughts on living?
I had a stepping stone for you for every step
You had it made
Must have been afraid
You didn't try hard enough
You like to pretend you are tough
I think I have said enough
Look at you now

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Just Now

Just now I made a decision
It wasn't for my lack of vision.
I had many songs that could have made me very much money by now.
I was young and the money could have been invested in the dow.
There will be cold poems and there will be warm.
Some of them you will feel like you walked through a storm.
No harm will be meant by the things that you read.
Through some type of medium I must bleed.
As my heart pounds for me to put down the things you read.

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