Pauline Levesque

Pauline Levesque Poems

1. The Clock 4/20/2009
2. Visions Of Ecstasy 4/22/2009
3. Turmoil 4/23/2009
4. Too Much Noise 4/23/2009
5. Not Very Good 5/5/2009
6. To Love Her 5/12/2009
7. Sad 5/15/2009
8. A Note To My Love 5/19/2009
9. Too Much 5/19/2009
10. Reaching 5/19/2009
11. No More Tears 5/21/2009
12. Alone In Solitude 6/11/2009
13. I Dream Of You 6/11/2009
14. The Abuser 7/9/2009
15. The Lesbian Shuffle 7/23/2009
16. Questions To The Universe 8/20/2009
17. The Fall 8/27/2009
18. Shadow Please! 9/10/2009
19. Goodbye 10/22/2009
20. The Weekend 4/22/2009
21. Walking The Halls 4/22/2009
22. Silk And Sandpaper 11/17/2009
23. It Is Wrong 11/30/2009
24. A Love Note 1/30/2014
25. The Thunder Whispers 8/13/2015
26. Remembering Love 9/12/2015
27. The Black Dog 1/30/2014
28. She's An Enigma 11/4/2009
29. I Know Nothing Of Love 5/6/2009
30. Do You See Me? 4/22/2009
31. The Moment 4/23/2009
32. I Know 12/5/2015
33. Familiar 1/30/2014
34. Broken Heart 4/20/2009
35. Land Of Dreams 4/21/2009
Best Poem of Pauline Levesque

Broken Heart

You asked me if I knew what I had done
How I pushed the knife deep and cut your heart wide open....
to bleed...
pieces of your broken heart falling to the floor.

You asked if I knew the pain I had caused,
that your heart ached and your chest hurt from my knife wound
that you couldn't breathe without pain.

You asked that I not do this again
what were you thinking, how could you do this to the woman you love?
I fall to the floor in my anguish and panic trying to put the pieces back together...
they fall from my hands as I weep....
For I had caused ...

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Do You See Me?

Do you see me on the other side... a whole human being with my wings glued on by a thread?
My hands held out to you but slapped as if I had committed a terrible transgression.
Do you love my layers, my weaknesses, my strength, my heart....
I tell you and you don't hear, I listen but you don't speak..truth hangs in the air just out of reach, shrouded by the past, by secrets, by what you have become by what you believe.
I feel alone under the veil, your armour is too strong for me to permeat

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