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I teach school kids.This profession has grown on me over the years.Writing has been a need for so long now.I enjoy writing about emotions with a touch of irony.Poems alwys agree with me.Suits my disposition.

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So many stars up there,
I wish to be one as well,
crossing greatest of distance in no time.
On the throne of clouds, sitting up there

Only Words

Words are so cheap; you can have them in heap.

None can leap: none too deep-

Who's There?

Who is it?
That one in the shadowy reflection.
A hint here, a drop there-
Thought it's you.


Ever stood on the shore,
only vast nothing -
being small, almost non-existing
yet somewhere a sense of relief.

Flight Of Fancy

In this darkness, you were my light
in hard reality of life,
a flower to touch,
a land barren, you were, but my child.

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