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Don't stop time
Because I want you
To be mine

I'm sick and tired of being trained
To only love the things you’ve stained

I'm sick and tired of leaving behind

You're with me everywhere that I go
You tell me you’re my friend
You slowly kill me everyday
But I try to pretend

Once upon a time
Yes love at first sight
Distance between them small as a dime
Everything felt right

I know something you don't know
As I watch her while the tears silently flow
I know something you don't know
As I clean up the blood in the snow

Her heart ached with the truth that was kept a secret
Her mind blanked with the memories she tried to forget
Her body was sore with the constant reminder of that day
She knew that people were asking questions

A thick fog of awareness seeped through her pores
Like hands of those holding on for life itself
She felt the knowing course through her veins
Exposing what she had worked so hard to conceal

Through all the pain I caused
I didn’t mean it oh please believe me
I really messed things up
Will you forgive me

If tomorrow starts without me,
And I'm not there to see,
If the sun should rise and find your eyes
All filled with tears for me;

I open this book to this empty page
Prepared to fill its lines with anger and rage
But my thoughts are tangled, thin, barren threads
These words consume me locked up in my head

I cry out in shame
As I watched my parents murder
I don’t think I’ll ever be the same
He is what I call my abuser

Wings of white,
Face and body just right,
Outgoing and nice;
But inside was all ice.

Shattered glass is all around,
my tongue is tied, my arms are bound.
My life is burning to dust and ashes,
in front of my eyes, my existence flashes.

They see us, they laugh, they turn their backs.
They mock the cross and cut us no slack.
With cold cruel eyes and hearts like stone.
The world is dark with no love shown.

It's tearing me apart,
these feelings I hate so much.
someone take the bullet out of my heart,
I need something solid to touch.

She is held captive in her own mind
Slowly but surely becoming blind
Not knowing how her life will end
Now more than ever she needs a friend

I’m running with the shadows of the night
So, baby, take my hand, it'll be all right
Surrender all your dreams to me tonight
They'll come true in the end

God are you there
Can you here my prayer
Do you here my plea
To be set free

He took my soul
And he took my rights
But I didn’t go down
Without a fight

The day I died
I withered inside
I cried out in pain
Waiting to be slain

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I sing in the shower, I eat everything in sight, I jump up and down and yell really loudly everytime my favorite football team scores a touch down(which I will not tell you because you might laugh) , and I LOVE to write! ! I'm single (what else is new) , and I love to read. When I have time I like to go to The Lake, and read allllll day. I'm not a nerd...I just love books(you would too if you took the time to enjoy one! ! !) . Friends are my life. I dont know what I would do if I didnt have the people that are in life....Friendship means EVERYTHING to me....I'm lame, yes I know...Snicker later..GET TO KNOW ME NOW! ! !

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Bring On The Rain

Don't stop time
Because I want you
To be mine

Don't try to love me
Because I know
Soon you’ll flee

Don't break my heart
Because you’ll soon realize
You want to be apart

Don't ask to be my sacred token
Because you can't
Break what’s already broken

Don't try to understand my pain
So just do me a favor
And bring on the rain

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quoting from kitty 'you are sooo amazing i love you to death' - lol.. you are a fine poet my friend and even better person.. nice knowing you

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you are sooo amazing i love you to death

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