Kumarmani Mahakul Peace Poems

How To Acquire Peace

On changeable Earth human beings are wise,
They want to perpetuate the progress in rise.
Some vie in earning wealth to live happily,
Attractive edifices they build to reside properly.

Peace You Peace Us

Oh dear peace, you peace us,
Whole day and night we search,
No war we need, we need you,
Crossing far galaxy you come,

Peace Gives Heavenly Hug

Love gives touch in slow breeze,
Breeze whispers in steady flow,
Heaven is in Loveland we all feel,
Love builds heaven in Earth again.

In Search Of Peace

There is population but in tranquillity,
Over humanity again falls on humility.
Stability of mind all do search far again,
Nobody likes sorrows, sin, sad and pain.

Peace Begins In Mind

Dear beloved soul how are you?
Where are you searching peace?
How can you get this in running?
Just wake up early in dawn again.

Peace Is Nectar

Cutting throats of others is injustice,
Such thing is violence,
If you are a violent man,
You should leave it and leave vices,

Eternal Peace We Need

We search for peace oh God
But we need peace special
That is eternal symbol
We need love and life again.

Place Of Peace We Are Searching

Where is the place for peace?
How can we find this we think
War and violence make us sad
Sorrow gives stress and pain.

Green Grace Of Peace

God, you are beloved and truth,
You have empowered us from within,
We get inner peace due to wisdom,
You have taught us with much love.

Peace We Have To Find

Is night after day?
Or is day after night?
Is fight after peace?
Or is peace after fight?

Lord Has Granted Peace

Lord, our beloved God is good
Not only good he is the best,
Not only the best but he is super
He is super majestic power!

Vibration Of Peace

This day has turned sweetly,
Sun is going to set soon,
Evening sky has rosy appearance,
Pupils have started praying,

Peace Is Fragrance Of Mind

Like flower spreads fragrance,
A positive and pure mind blooms
And spreads peace across the lane,
Life becomes pleasing to lead.

Gateway Of Peace Is Love

Through a ceremonial mind,
Just receive truth and trust,
Then awaken self and watch,
You feel love very deeply.

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