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Finger Lickin' Good

Old Mrs Masuku’s a mealie cob vendor
Down at the gates of the new football ground,
(Order by phone, I’ll give you her number) ,
Where customers come and stand all around
Near the rusty old drum fired up daily at dawn,
Some coming to buy, some just to keep warm.

Each pip must, she says, leave sweet milk on her nail
When bought from the market not one hour before
And pressed with her thumb, not dented or stale.
So choose your own breakfast, it won’t cost you more,
Then five or ten minutes baked golden and cream,
Khangela! they’re ready and fit for a ...

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Mugabe On The Box

Greetings my people, I’m happy to say
On this my Zimbabwe’s National Day,
Though we have no rocket to send to the moon,
Economic recession will end very soon.
National retrenchment will be postponed,
Since we paid one per cent of the cash we were loaned.
Indeed, international merchant banks,
(Colonial monsters who don’t deserve thanks)
May agree to lend us a billion more -