Peter Stavropoulos (Best Love Poems)

Peter Stavropoulos (Best Love Poems) Poems

1. .love Always 7/12/2008
2. .metaphor 11/1/2008
3. .kisses Are Misses 2/17/2008
4. .chances 6/19/2008
5. Forever And Forever 4/25/2008
6. .no Rhythm No Rhyme 2/27/2008
7. .pleasure For Pleasure 2/13/2008
8. The Education Of The Young Mind 9/6/2007
9. .woman Of My Imagination's Dreams 8/5/2007
10. Not Waiting To Be Hurt Again 11/3/2007
11. The Story Of A Poem (Narrative Poem) 10/12/2007
12. .the Love I Have Has No Other Name 10/22/2007
13. ..Wish Upon 2/24/2008
14. I Didn'T Mean To Say Goodbye 8/1/2007
15. ..You Are Life And Love And More 7/3/2007
16. .empty Without You 6/28/2008
17. ..Within Your Eyes 3/29/2008
18. .passage In My Heart 4/26/2008
19. ..If I Say 9/19/2008
20. .the Certainty Is You 4/26/2008
21. .i Thought About You 6/25/2007
22. ..I Have Not Forgotten You 6/11/2008
23. .i Think Of You And Miss You 9/24/2007
24. .friendship Of Lovers 8/12/2007
25. ...Love Was, Love Is, Love Will Be, Love Eternally 8/8/2007
Best Poem of Peter Stavropoulos (Best Love Poems)

...Love Was, Love Is, Love Will Be, Love Eternally

Love was.....

When 'if' lay between you and I
And 'never' seemed forever
I fell to earth in surrender
And you became the centre of my eye

Love is.....

When I pass by you accidentally
I grab a sense of your smile
When between us is distance measured by the mile
I grab a sense of our love immeasurably

Love will be.....

When I can no longer see to see
When I can no longer hear to hear
I know you will be near
Simply just you and me

Love eternally.....

When God granted us our wish finally
He put in us a throbbing ...

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.kisses Are Misses

Your dress is fluttering
In the wind
- Kiss

I like it when you lie
In the sun
- Kiss

I'd forgotten the perfume
You wore this morning
- Kiss

Yesterday we had so much
- Kiss

Kisses are misses
- Kiss
Come back again

By Peter Stavropoulos

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