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20 June 2015
There is more magic in Truth than in Fiction.
04 November 2015
'All my writing is a completion of the work my father started'.
10 January 2021
'Those in Love grow young together.'


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Vishal Sharma 09 November 2015
your love poems are upto eternity
3 2 Reply
excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem
6 9 Reply
Ally Davies 07 January 2014
Depth in simplicity. A rare gift.
16 10 Reply
Gaivota Gaivota 12 September 2009
Hi Thank you for this heartfelt poetry... amazing...
23 14 Reply
Anjali Sinha 23 July 2009
Hey Peter, Nice to see you back here. love anjali
13 14 Reply
Poet Hunter 24 June 2009
Your poetry is in a league of its own.
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David Harry 24 March 2009
Mr. Stavropoulos, your poems continue to impart a wisdom that few people will ever achieve. Today, I discovered the poem, 'She, ' and it literally took my breath away. I recently discovered that my wife, the woman of my dreams, has been in one way or another around me since I was 13 years old! First, one of her school friends was the girlfriend of my best friend! Second, her Great Aunt almost enrolled her in my elementary school! And third, she went to a community college less than 5 minutes from where I grew up. When I read your poem, I was like, 'That kind of Love, that kind of destined Love that God lovingly prepares for us is real! ' I have experienced it first had. You are an amazing poet and I hope you consider writing a book one day. My all-time favorite poem from PoemHunter is 'The Certainty is You.' I love it! My wife of 5 years is now a fan of yours too. Don't ever stop writing. As long as God gives you breath to breathe keep writing!
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Hi Peter! I just start to published my poems in this site! I would be very happy if you read and comment some of them. Your job are excellent! Well done.
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p.a. noushad 31 October 2008
your poems are amazing devastating and passionate
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Anjali Sinha 19 September 2008
hey Peter, Im glad I chanced on you.You are really great. You deserve that No.1 position, - and as someone else said-- you are indeed those lingering drops of pure honey
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David Harry 03 September 2008
I just discovered your poetry today. It is truly amazing and profound! 'The Certainty is You' is a wonderful poem that speaks to how I feel about my wife every time I look into her eyes. Have you published a book? I'd love to buy several copies! Thank you for contributing your poetry.
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Ken.e Hall 03 September 2008
Your poems are luvli, full of what makes the world go round, like you I have it with my family-- god why can't we have luv on TV the luvli luv themes you pervay. Kind regards Ken e Hall
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Khoirun Niam 30 August 2008
that's the truth about love thank s
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Tanya Stanford 13 August 2008
If you live your life the way you write your poetry, I'm sure your life is full of wonderful people. Brilliant Brillliant Brilliant. I have just finished reading all 37 of your poems posted on this site and I am a fan. Please post more of your poems. Thank you.
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Sivan P.G Menon 01 August 2008
dear Peter.. lingering...drops of pure honey'... chaste love...un consummate... complimenting the emotions..within... regards.. sivan
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Michaela Tatualla 05 July 2008
I love your poetries... All really means a lot...You are a great poet! ! ! I hope you will write more... Keep inspiring many people by your poetries! ! ! God bless you always!
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Greenwolfe 1962 16 April 2008
I think the thing that is most impressive to me, is that you seem to be the only writer I have encountered here who understands poetry. What it is and can be. I read the first 11 poems. I'm often criticised by others because they believe, that I believe, poetry must be written the way I do. That, of course, has never been true.I appreciate the way you demonstrate how poetry can be written. This will not be my last visit. I hope to read at the appropriate times. You deserve a top ten position. I hope you remain there, and I will do my part in that. Such quality must be rewarded, or it will be replaced by something less substantial. I won't request a visit from you. Nor will I suggest a poem. Mine, are like yours. To the untrained eye, they are all the same. Have a nice day! Greenwolfe 1962
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