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People talking about
Work, timetables
Driven derivatives,

You went a long time
Before you left
I never knew you.
You pretended you owned me.

There's a low winter's moon
Just above the tree line.
There's a low winter'smoon
Just over the horizon.

All his money,
Goes on
Coal and Booze.
Coal and Booze.

I see and feel my new lover,
Glowing, growing, lustful,
Foraging, smiling, tempting.
A new day in

A cup of sugary rebellion.
Lies slippery on the floor,
Of democracy denied.

White ringed shoes, scuffed n' broken.
Telephone farces.
Find five pence, lose fifteen on,
A crossed line.

Back home,
If anywhere is home.
Looked at roads,
Walked down long, long ago.

Seems like this is forever,
It ain't
Loving my woman
All day long,

The sun was up.
I am coming after you!
I'm the Purger.

Took me for granted.
That I would,
Stand for anything,
And nothing.

Bottles of forgiveness.
Was I guilty?
Or you too driven.

Old love, cold love.
Nothing so wild as
Unfolded love.
Scolded, unmoulded love.

Where did my country go?
Its not here in my garden.
The innocence of flowers, weeds and bees.
Are unchanging, yet refreshing.

You came out
Of the sky,
To help me and keep
Me dry.

I saw the leaves
Clearer today.
The picture on my wardrobe.
Lonely as it is.

The moment had gone.
We let it go.
Like in the song-
'It's all over now

We were thrown together,
Like shells in
The sea of life.
Swept apart

Another dysfunctional election
Of baleful submission.
The doctrinaire billionaire
Shoots from

Peter Vealey Biography

I have some poems in Hertsviewpoint a mental health campaigning charity with personal interview /profile- March 2007. Also in recent Viewpoint winter 2008 with a link to my poetry paperback 'With authentic stains'- poem featured in Viewpoint magazine is 'The new religion''. Also have 73 different poems on this site here right now in 2017. Also 2 poems in Poetry-Express 25 and 26 editions published by These editions came out in late 2007 and 26 comes out in April 2008. Also featured with as poet of the month with 'Daddy Longlegs', also in edition 26 of Poetry-Express. Have 2 poems available now and included in Poetry Express 28 for this winter edition also, out free in PDF Format in December 2008 to download freely available to anyone. Also new update! -have poems in editions 29 and 30 and 31,32 in 2009 of Also have another poem in 2011 edition 35 in 'Just another suicide song'.This also has a link to my first published paperback-'WITH AUTHENTIC STAINS'- with a review of my book in 2009 on Survivorspoetrycom website see Roy Birch a favourable review of my book in edition 31. Available online with Chipmunka, Amazon, etc. Also published in 2010 in 'Pendulum' a mental health bi-polar magazine.Since 2015 I have had lyrics put to music with Steve Boyle from Harlow on Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Fandalism, music search engines. Also musical collaborations in 2016 onwards to present with Jon Aka Clarke also from Harlow on Soundcloud. Apple I tunes, Reverbnation contributing lyrics.album titles, personal art and photos on the 2 albums and eps and being credited with my lyrics fully by Jon Aka Clarke -thanks! Also collaborations also with Apache John a Bishop`s Stortford folk songwriter in last year with two songs and another lyric/song called " Song for a Rainy Day" , I wrote way back performed by an unknown singer on the Songtradr site.Thats where these 3 songs are now. August 2018.In January 2019 Jon Aka Clarke released a music cd on the DJD label with all my lyrics and the title used for the cd entitled " Overtures of a Lost Landscape" an unpublished poem of mine. Later this year another cd from Jon Aka Clarke will be released on the same label called " Watersky" , with half the songs about 5 will again be my lyrics.Jon Aka Clarke and myself will be collaborating in 2019 onwards with another cd on the DJD label probably. A collection of my poems on poemhunter are downloadable here over 100 poems which you can find here in 2019 now available!)

The Best Poem Of Peter Vealey


People talking about
Work, timetables
Driven derivatives,
Underline, tone,
Compliance, bonding outings.
Total fall-out,
Brexit through that door
But we are
Like all of you!

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Yvonne Rautenbach 06 September 2008

your best poem so far I think Peter well done

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The subject is Taboo.


Rural tales and empty rhetoric.

In the lingering madness of my mind.


Always loyal, Never a liar, Ever compassionate.

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Peter Vealey Popularity

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