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Let's talk about the cannibals:
Not the naked ones with colourful wigs,
Who eat and drink the human flesh and blood

Je devine que ce serait si doux
Si je la regarde avec tendresse
Embrasser ses lèvres brulantes
Au milieu de cette foule menacente

My friends, have faith and courage!
Their walls may be nine metres thick and twice as tall,
But your pure heart will overcome them effortlessly.

Weakened branch clung on to last season's dead leaves
Gusts of darkened wind still threaten the Northern sky
Shy glimmers of pale green - hints of hope lurk nearby

'Five for two dollars, two for one! '
Yelled the ones in straw hat
Men, women: aged, riped as the vegetables they sell
Wilted, weathered, leathery, tanned melon skin.

My dearest son,
I bid you farewell!
When you grow up,
Please take care of your mother.

Que j'adore la lune!
Mais si, je l'aime autant!
La pleine, la demi et la croissant
Moi, je l'aime dans toutes ces formes

O blind master, my only duty is to serve you
Wherever you go, I'll be by your side
I'm your eyes, your faithful guide
This harness binds our love


Night fell suddenly
The savages rule
Birds take flight!

This my last twenty dollars bill.
Would I spend it on lottery tickets?
Or a second-hand jacket from Goodwill?
Maybe, better yet: my last decent meal.

At the moment you're born
The bonding starts early on:
Bound with your dear parents,
Who cater to your every need

I used to linger near the palaces of opulence
Now I left them for less than a pittance

I no longer hold on to any faith

As the antidote to Midas
Your touch brings Life to the lifeless,
It melts away my fear...
It dispels my loneliness...

The limit is only in one's mind
Where you are is not what matters
The amount of wealth you have is meaningless
Unless you can think wisely...

(The precious nature of a great statesman is worth more than his weight in saffron) .

We heard of a name that brings respect
It is the one with such complete loyalty


Climb beyond your Everest of Desires
Wipe your Gange of Tears

Yesterday your face was within my sight
Today, bits of your corpse spread on the roadside
Staring at this woeful scene I sob, wail and cry

The clock whispers in the blue night,
I hear hymns sung by angels,
My dream awaits at the bedroom door...

These are creases of elegance,
Signs of dignified, timeless wisdom.
Botox would only erase the self...

Phan Thanh gian Biography

I would like to express and contribute some of my thoughts and ideas in words. Although I am not formally trained in poetry, I love the medium and would appreciate any comments or suggestions on my works.)

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Let's talk about the cannibals:
Not the naked ones with colourful wigs,
Who eat and drink the human flesh and blood

Not the ones we learned in textbooks
Whose tales you heard from far away land
In the deepest of south-east-asian jungles

Such exotic, barbaric acts are so trivial
Benign and confined to a few old tribes
Wouldn't even measure up to more sordid types

I'm talking about the man-eaters living closeby,
Who reside in the grandest of mansions,
Nestled among the greatest of nations

They read the finest books,
Extol the most virtuous ideals
And drink the best of champagne.

Regarded by most with reverence
Accolades, decorum surround, abound
Smartest of tongues, sharpest of suits

Although members of the same species
They are set apart from the masses,
Carry themselves as higher breeds... godlike.

Yet their fields are covered in mournful white,
The colour of the littered human bones.
Their dark driveways: paved with rotten flesh

They consume their fellow man's dreams,
Siphon livelihood from unfortunate souls
Engorge themselves on children's laborous toils

Purveyors of man, butcher of kind
Endearing appearance, yet heart of swine
Always up to old tricks, with few new fixes.

A nod, a wink, a stroke of black ink
Hundreds would perish, thousands vanish
Many more families would wither in slums.

The reasons for such willful barbaric acts
To torture, enslave and kill - to name a few
For progress, ideology and personal fortune.

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