(001june2 07) Poet's Note To Self Poem by Max Reif

(001june2 07) Poet's Note To Self

Rating: 3.3

Ah, when I walk in my vision,
a solid world
materializes under my feet.
Words come unbidden
like tame deer from the forest
and resonate to the height of the firmament,
the lowest reaches of the depths.

But the path of mere obligation
becomes so dusty
that first breathing is hard,
then the way is lost,
and finally the world itself
is only a cloud
in which I'm lost.

Rebecca Wright 09 January 2021

did this for my literature class. nice imagery.

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Joscephine Gomez 16 June 2007

Class A poetry! Superb!

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Robert Howard 15 June 2007

Soaring Lyricism, A great description of the state of mind that exists when poetry arrives in its purest form.

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Not a member No 4 10 June 2007

And which of these worlds is the one that matters more in the great scheme of things, and if it's the path of obligation then surely it says something very revealing about us or implies that something has gone badly wrong with that path - as if the balance is way out of kilter... that makes a lot of sense to me. But perhaps there's is simply no satisfying some of us unless we're writing on the walls.. Lovely provocative thoughts, and writing Max. A pleasure to read. Thanks, jim

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Linda Ori 02 June 2007

'When I walk in my vision' - I like that phrase - it says it all. Nice reminder to take time out of our humdrum everyday life to 'walk' in the world of possibility and creativity. The gifts are just waiting for us to find them, if we take the time to look for them. Nice work, Max. Linda :)

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Max Reif

Max Reif

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