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Joscephine Gomez's multi-faceted life includes classical singing- doing mostly solo recitals and concerts in the Philippines and in other countries - and professional speaking. She is the author and principal lecturer of 27 short courses in voice, communication, sales, marketing, public relations and personality development of business executives ...

Joscephine Gomez Poems

Cup Of Tolerance

Leave Manila at 5: 00 A.M.?
I agreed.
All of you couldn't make it
even at seven

Love On A Plate

A smile blooms like a rose
kissed by the sun

My Favorite 'M' Words

Manners, moral, magic, maverick,
music, melody, madrigal, mazurka, mic,
mouth, muesli, mint,
magenta, mirror, menorah,

Any Of These Ways

For CP

A penetrating gaze,
a happy, smiling face,


Inhaling, yawning, sniffing, gulping
sucking, slurping, gasping, sipping
exhaling, projecting, resonating, whistling
laughing, giggling, talking, chanting

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