(01) - The Dead Who Have No Rest Poem by James Grengs

(01) - The Dead Who Have No Rest

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It is an unholy appetite-
A desire, some say,
Born of Satan himself.
The Roaring Lion,
Out for men's blood.
But it is deeper, for me,
I who must live every day
With this desire in my flesh.

I live, as human as any,
Yet not- for I am different,
Darker: a creature of myth,
Of evil fantasy,
Of shadow and night.
I am strong, violently so,
Though few who have felt that strength
Have lived to tell of it.

I leave few alive,
That is, alive in your sense of the word-
When I leave them, they are changed.
No longer given to their former delights.
When I leave, they are given to the same appetite
Which drives me-
It has become them, too.

How long I have lived, I cannot say-
I lived once, but no more:
Now I exist, as I have for a thousand years.

I am safe in my existence,
For disbelief is my shield.
Those who call me a myth
Add to my safety,
For unless the fear of me
Exists in their heart,
I am no danger to their lives.

I am no myth, though,
And I am dangerous-
I am
I am all thinigs they would fear
If they were wise enough to believe.

I, their fear,
Drink them dry.
They do not believe in me
Until I reveal myself to them,
Which I only do when I am hungry.

I am hungry now,
Therefore I wait.
For Fortune, my mistress,
And Chance, my lover,
Never leave me alone.

She was a beautiful girl-
Fair-haired, ruddy skinned,
No more-
In fulfilling my hunger,
I have changed her.
Now her skin has lost its glow-
Her eyes have dimmed.
For an instant, she looked on me-
The instrument of her change.
Now she sleeps,
Soon to awake to a dark reality.

I remember well that sleep-
The darkness,
The numbness,
The terror.
I remember as well
The waking-
Knowing my change,
My new state,
My hunger.
I do not envy her
The pain of her new being,
For it is a constant waking nightmare.
The dead that have no rest.

I look at her,
Lying on the cold pavement.
-This is the closest I have felt to love
In a thousand years.-

I leave her there.
She will be found, soon,
And better for me if I am gone.
My worst enemy, attention,
Next to belief.
For in the attention I receive,
I lose something of what I am.
I am the reality of their myth-
The truth that inspired their frightened tales.
I am the dead who has no rest.

(There are others like me,
But we avoid company-
A collection of dead
Draws attention.)

My name is unimportant,
For, as is typical of names,
It reveals nothing of what I am-
And names lose their power after a thousand years.
What I am, I have already told you.
Why I am, none by the fearless seek to know-
They, and those who have discovered
The depths of my secrets.
How I am, no one knows,
Not even I myself.
For who can understand the perpetuity
Of a thousand years, waking dead?
Where I am, if they really understood,
Would strike fear in their hearts-
For I and my brethren are everywhere.

My secrets are many, and mine alone.
They are the ghosts of an eternal nightmare.
They are the multitude of faces,
My victims, to the world,
My lovers, to me,
My children, to my brethren.
They are the places, the years, the past.
They are the future, yet unrevealed to me.

I live, dead, and always will.
I am an inexorable force,
Driven by the unholy appetite.
I have no control over myself,
But only the control of choice.
Do not hate me-
I have enough hate for myself.
Fear me
-I fear myself, knowing what I am-
Believe, if you will live.
Believe in the dead who have no rest.

Kristin E. Johnson 03 March 2005

The best and strongest use of words in this work is the section that reads: I am Fear, Cold, Darkness, Death. Why not take that section and build another new poem around it, as often poets do?

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Amberlee Carter 02 February 2005

your poem starts off with a wonderful sense of horrorifying enigma. But you ramble on without saying anything new. In each stanza you're basically saying the same thing in the one before, but just wording it differently. It loses creativity by the end and just becomes like all the other 'dark' poems that are posted on the net. Writing dark poetry is, in my opinion, one of the hardest aspects of poetry there is. Mainly just because there is a fine line between good dark poetry and just boring dark poetry. Your work isn't boring, but it' doesn't hold the attention of the reader enough... always, Amberlee

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Anong All 17 January 2005

Your poem has great depth to it. The reading and wording is structured to a tee.. Nice Writing... Jodilee

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Brianne Barth 09 November 2004

That is the most awesome poem i've ever read, it kept me hangin at the end of my seat................ J.S.

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James Grengs 08 November 2004

this is meant as a story, entertainment, nothing more. that is, there is no 'deeper meaning' to this, for those who might look for such. rather, i wanted to tell a story in a poem, and this story is the one that came. i hope to add more parts to it, later on. enjoy!

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