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....shaving my legs to enya,
it makes me feel clean.
you've got free long distance-
you should visit more often.

(you know who you are)

pages of poetry scatter

the last leaves of autumn fell,
finding a grave in the imprint
of stranger's feet-
shallow as it was, they seemed content

Ok, so I'm sorry.
Isn't that what you wanted to know?
in that case, you win.

I’ve extracted you
from my body
like a sliver-

Because now
there is nothing more between us, except,
39 hours and 54 minutes that translates into:

last night while I
played in another realm of consciousness,
I felt your hand move against mine,
as if you were reaching out

let me be nothing to you,
not a bell with a voice

This is
a death threat for no one,
a suicidal promise to someone,
a reaper's ransom note.

The quiet wait, contemplate,
the scene- everything it contains,
The mundane, the magic,
the vibrant, the apathetic-


leave me-
sun, moon, stars
wilting, glass fixture and iris

Mother woke me this morning,
her voice, a rattle of earth and worms-
it may not concern you, she is dead.

I woke, awkwardly
in the dim light of morning
to find the world hushed in newborn snow.

They gave me reality alterations-
told me to rest:
tomorrow will bring better days.
I question the existence of tomorrow-

I am writing this alive and with a fever,
'cause I needs to sweat out the virus
and breathe calmly without choking, for once.

I want to remember the world this way:
The light, steadfast on the windowsill,
a breathless sky and the autumn as beautiful
as it is bitter.

I take sleeping pills
to anoint the ache,
stay awake long enough
to feel myself float

Becker was sitting on the steps
in the final moments of day-

catching fireflies with his fingers,

dry grass prickles my feet,
9 years old ignorant toward
the feeling that paralyzes my heart,
creates a lump in my throat-

(who are we to question faith?
when we've yet to answer the call to duty,
for faith questions all)

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...Shaving My Legs

....shaving my legs to enya,
it makes me feel clean.
you've got free long distance-
you should visit more often.
so much is so easily lost in the space
between your tongue and my heart-
you lick my breasts well you know

i wonder
are you still thinking over
that meaningless thing i said a week ago-
(about the other guy and the other girl)
who would be us-
he would say never and she, forever
as they parted lips thighs and hips-
Hollywood will never capture the pulsating ebb of love,
but they can fake it well.

i heard your voice yesterday,
as you passed through my dreambed-
my stomach resembles a fish bowl,
and your words are like virgin goldfish about to orgasm.

my thoughts are on my love,
the calm morning that woke before me-

i slithered from beneath my sticky sheets,
all reckless and abandoned,
counting the penance for last night's sins.

there has to be more than this:
sour coffee and DefPoetryJam reruns-
while my love showers

in the next room

in another city

Amberlee Carter Comments

kenneth william snow 17 April 2005

I left a comment on the first poem you posted 'between two griefs' It is an extraordinary effort by an extraordinary woman. sincerely, kenneth

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moonworm festers 21 May 2005

it'll be a long time before i go through all your 100 works, and it'll be delirious buffet for the senses. do hope you get published, and soon!

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Mireille Laborie 29 May 2005

I knew and appreciated your poems a while ago now, in this lovely Poetic Constellations family. I'm really glad to know I'll be able to read more from you here. You're a great poet, whose pen brushes life, feelings with the colors of life and it's beautiful. *Metalcove*

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Uriah Hamilton 07 June 2005

Of course, like Mireille, I consider Amberlee a great poet, I'm very happy to have found her work!

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dissatified exmember 10 January 2005

Amberlee possess a very deep and easy style. She gives meaning to the word POET. She thinks deep and it comes across so acurately that it is impossible to miss the messages in her work. She is the kind of Poet I will always read.

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Xxx Xxx 12 July 2008

reading your poetry is a constant rejoicing...I guess, your burdens have put you somewhere with someone and something...

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Robert Wright 18 June 2007

I love the rhythm and cadence of your poetry - it's so powerful! !

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Joe Howell 02 January 2006

A breath of fresh air!

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Pamela Castineiras 01 January 2006

Look, I found you. ^__^

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Christine Anderson 21 August 2005

You are one of the most upsetting poets I have ever read... and I love you!

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