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...Shaving My Legs

....shaving my legs to enya,
it makes me feel clean.
you've got free long distance-
you should visit more often.

...Changing The Color To Sunrise

(you know who you are)

pages of poetry scatter

nser eEding hHre (RrRted)

We were never
traditional lovers-
but we were
very good at being

Last Night And Then This Morning

the last leaves of autumn fell,
finding a grave in the imprint
of stranger's feet-
shallow as it was, they seemed content


I’ve extracted you
from my body
like a sliver-


Xxx Xxx 12 July 2008

reading your poetry is a constant rejoicing...I guess, your burdens have put you somewhere with someone and something...

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Robert Wright 18 June 2007

I love the rhythm and cadence of your poetry - it's so powerful! !

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Joe Howell 02 January 2006

A breath of fresh air!

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Pamela Castineiras 01 January 2006

Look, I found you. ^__^

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Christine Anderson 21 August 2005

You are one of the most upsetting poets I have ever read... and I love you!

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Sofiul Azam 01 August 2005

We were born in the same year! and write poems for ourselves and others with whom we can share our feelings. I am glad you are on the way to get published soon after the completing of your manuscript. Your poems are fantastic and promising indeed. I have a friendly suggestion: don't write too much, better make your poems a bit solid in your supposed craftmanship that would certainly take you far away to the place where all your dreams will come true partially if not completely. I wish you success and want to be friends with you. You can read my poems here on the same site.

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Uriah Hamilton 07 June 2005

Of course, like Mireille, I consider Amberlee a great poet, I'm very happy to have found her work!

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Mireille Laborie 29 May 2005

I knew and appreciated your poems a while ago now, in this lovely Poetic Constellations family. I'm really glad to know I'll be able to read more from you here. You're a great poet, whose pen brushes life, feelings with the colors of life and it's beautiful. *Metalcove*

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moonworm festers 21 May 2005

it'll be a long time before i go through all your 100 works, and it'll be delirious buffet for the senses. do hope you get published, and soon!

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kenneth william snow 17 April 2005

I left a comment on the first poem you posted 'between two griefs' It is an extraordinary effort by an extraordinary woman. sincerely, kenneth

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Joy Vanderhelm 15 March 2005

Amber, the emotion in your prose is so very vivid, I feel as though I'm right there with you. Very solid writing. I think when you get that book published, which shouldn't be too hard considering what I've seen, I would be more than honored to read it.

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Ivy Christou 09 March 2005

'Foreword' is the poem i meant btw! : S

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Ivy Christou 09 March 2005

Amberlee you are very, very talented. your poems are very powerfull and full of emotions that are well expressed. is a poem that I want to write on a postcard and sent it all over the world.. I wish you all the best and I'm looking forward to read more of your poems HBH

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Amberlee, you rock my world. Jake

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dissatified exmember 10 January 2005

Accurate would be better!

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dissatified exmember 10 January 2005

Amberlee possess a very deep and easy style. She gives meaning to the word POET. She thinks deep and it comes across so acurately that it is impossible to miss the messages in her work. She is the kind of Poet I will always read.

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