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it's all there, in the work.

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kenneth william snow 17 April 2005

I left a comment on the first poem you posted 'between two griefs' It is an extraordinary effort by an extraordinary woman. sincerely, kenneth

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moonworm festers 21 May 2005

it'll be a long time before i go through all your 100 works, and it'll be delirious buffet for the senses. do hope you get published, and soon!

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Mireille Laborie 29 May 2005

I knew and appreciated your poems a while ago now, in this lovely Poetic Constellations family. I'm really glad to know I'll be able to read more from you here. You're a great poet, whose pen brushes life, feelings with the colors of life and it's beautiful. *Metalcove*

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Uriah Hamilton 07 June 2005

Of course, like Mireille, I consider Amberlee a great poet, I'm very happy to have found her work!

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Sofiul Azam 01 August 2005

We were born in the same year! and write poems for ourselves and others with whom we can share our feelings. I am glad you are on the way to get published soon after the completing of your manuscript. Your poems are fantastic and promising indeed. I have a friendly suggestion: don't write too much, better make your poems a bit solid in your supposed craftmanship that would certainly take you far away to the place where all your dreams will come true partially if not completely. I wish you success and want to be friends with you. You can read my poems here on the same site.

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Xxx Xxx 12 July 2008

reading your poetry is a constant rejoicing...I guess, your burdens have put you somewhere with someone and something...

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Robert Wright 18 June 2007

I love the rhythm and cadence of your poetry - it's so powerful! !

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Joe Howell 02 January 2006

A breath of fresh air!

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Pamela Castineiras 01 January 2006

Look, I found you. ^__^

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Christine Anderson 21 August 2005

You are one of the most upsetting poets I have ever read... and I love you!

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The Best Poem Of Amberlee Carter

...Shaving My Legs

....shaving my legs to enya,
it makes me feel clean.
you've got free long distance-
you should visit more often.
so much is so easily lost in the space
between your tongue and my heart-
you lick my breasts well you know

i wonder
are you still thinking over
that meaningless thing i said a week ago-
(about the other guy and the other girl)
who would be us-
he would say never and she, forever
as they parted lips thighs and hips-
Hollywood will never capture the pulsating ebb of love,
but they can fake it well.

i heard your voice yesterday,
as you passed through my dreambed-
my stomach resembles a fish bowl,
and your words are like virgin goldfish about to orgasm.

my thoughts are on my love,
the calm morning that woke before me-

i slithered from beneath my sticky sheets,
all reckless and abandoned,
counting the penance for last night's sins.

there has to be more than this:
sour coffee and DefPoetryJam reruns-
while my love showers

in the next room

in another city

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Amberlee Carter Popularity

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