030. A Dream Within A Dream Poem by Dipankar Sadhukhan

030. A Dream Within A Dream

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At a lonely midnight few days ago,
One of my most favourite poems,
S T Coleridge's 'Kubla Khan',
I was reading with rapt attention
And keeping my eyes on my mobile screen
At regular interval to read your messages.

Whenever I read the poem, 'Kubla Khan',
'Alph, the sacred river', 'cedarn cover',
'Sunny pleasure-dome', 'romantic chasm',
'Abyssinian maid, and on her dulcimer',
'Singing of Mount Abora', 'sunless sea',
Fascinate my heart and mind so badly.

I was tasting the 'honey-dew'
And nectar or 'milk of Paradise'.
Then I could not remember
When and how I fell asleep.
I saw you and me together
Enjoying the beauty of river Alph.

We spent much time watching
The Cedar woods and nice flowers.
At noon when sunshine fell on
The pleasure-dome with caves of ice,
Both of us became spell-bound
By the beauty of the sunny dome.

Then in the afternoon by wandering
We reached very close to the chasm
Of which romantic sound made
A magical impact upon our hearts
Which mingled with the sound of
Fountain and chasm from the high land.

On the lonely land we rested under a tree.
With embracing and kissing you gently
I slept keeping my head on your lap.
Then I saw such a romantic dream
Which did I never see earlier.
I never felt- you love me so much.

Just before twilight we sat side by side
I was charmed with your beauty.
We were fascinated by the sound
Of the romantic chasm and fountain
And the music created out of dulcimer.
The song of Abora carried us to Heaven.

We were in Eden where the trees were
Full of purple fruits and Divine flowers.
You expressed your desires-
'Hold me tight, never let me go.
Take the wild nectar from my lips.
It's only you who know my wish.'

I went into your arms with your whispering.
Our hearts were drowning in the flood of Love.
Desires were burning and melting
In the passion of holy and sacred Love.
True Love was dancing in the blood of our veins
And we started to enjoy the bliss of Divine Love.

Kolkata, India.
5th November,2013.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: inspiration,love,dream
Seema Devi 05 December 2016

What a romantic love poem! 10

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Subhojit Kar 20 November 2016

Romantic feeling beautifully expressed in sync with the epic poem you have referred. Thoroughly enjoyed the piece.

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Sarmistha Mukherjee 04 November 2016

A beautiful love poem...10

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