039. Mustard Flowers Poem by Dipankar Sadhukhan

039. Mustard Flowers

Rating: 5.0

Along the path in a winter morning
Through a vast field I was walking.
It was full of golden Mustard flowers.
Million thousand flowers I saw there.
They were dancing at the same time,
With the rhythm of gentle cool wind.

It seems to me pleasant and fine
When in winter I am in sunshine.
But the golden flowers made me so happy
And my heart felt the bliss by sucking their beauty
As the bees are delighted round the year
To collect honey from flower to flower.

Once at my destination I arrived
But I couldn't feel three miles I crossed.
Then my mind was not with me
And my heart was filled with glee.
Ne'er saw I such an excellent beauty.
Nothing did make me so happy.

Sometimes in winter mornings
When I sit on couch in sunshine
In empty mood or in pensive state.
My mind is full of extreme happiness
As I see the flowers in the mirror of my inward eyes
And my soul and heart dance with these.

Kolkata, India.
29th September,2013.

Manira Khan 10 November 2016

Nature has been so beautifully presented....10

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Kiran Mishra 02 November 2016

A wonderful poem of nature. You deserve 10

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