09.08.2009 Ag Pleez Deddy Poem by Margaret Alice

09.08.2009 Ag Pleez Deddy

Rating: 2.7

I remember a trip with a friend of my mother
she took us kids to see something or other
as we enjoyed the ride in a strange car, she
and her husband started to sing in unison
creating a wonderful bubble of warmth, en-
sconcing us in the safety of camaraderie as
happy and carefree, as beautiful and
reassuring as sunshine to me

They sang Jeremy Taylor’s humourous song
‘Ag Pleez Deddy’, her voice round and sweet
his deep and strong, the refrain like a trip to a
funfair: Popcorn, chewing gum, peanuts and
bubblegum, ice-cream, candyfloss and Eskimo
pie’ - the first time I realized what a fun song
it was, the memory of that happy feeling for-
ever embedded in the melody and words

When I got hold of the words later on, I tried
to memorize them to keep the memory of
those wonderful moments alive for ever
and ever to come

http: //www.lyricstime.com/jeremy-taylor-ag-pleez-deddy-lyrics.html

Jeremy Taylor

Ag pleez Deddy won't you take us to the drive-in
All six, seven of us, eight, nine, ten, We wanna
see a flick about Tarzan an' the Ape-men, An'
when the show is over you can bring us back again

Popcorn, chewing gum, peanuts an' bubble gum
Ice cream, candy floss an' Eskimo Pie
Ag Deddy how we miss licorice and lollipops
Pepsi Cola, ginger beer and Canada Dry

Margaret Alice

Margaret Alice

Pretoria - South Africa
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