0989.Encounters With Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

The devotees pressed M. to sing; but M. was shy and asked them in a whisper to
excuse him.

GIRISH (to the Master) : 'Sir, we can't find a way to persuade M. to sing.'
MASTER (annoyed) : 'Yes, he can bare his teeth at school, but shyness overpowers
him when he is asked to sing! '

M., feeling greatly distressed, remained speechless.

A few words about “ M “

India has always been adorned with great Mahatmas and yogis; those selfless souls have created a legacy that can be followed by all of us

One among them was Shri Mahendra Nath Gupta of Bengal for whom I have a great fascination
he was introduced to Ramakrishna during an extremely difficult period in his family life. He paid frequent visits to Ramakrishna at the Dakshineswar Kali Temple until Ramakrishna's death in 1886. He later stated that meeting Ramakrishna was the greatest event in his life
Returning home after visiting Ramakrishna, he would note down in his personal diary the conversations and sayings of Ramakrishna, spending as long as a week to record one day's events. These notes were compiled into the book The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

RK on book learning and scriptures:

GIRISH to RK: “Sir, I didn't have any education during my boyhood,
but still people say I am a learned man.'

RK: 'Mahimacharan has studied many scriptures. A big man. (To M.) Isn't
that so? '

M: 'Yes, sir.'

GIRISH: 'What? book-learning? I have seen enough of it. It can't fool me any

RK (with a smile) : 'Do you know my attitude? Books, scriptures, and things
like that only point out the way to reach God. After finding the way, what more
need is there of books and scriptures? Then the time for action comes.

A Parable:
'A man received a letter from home informing him that certain presents were to
be sent to his relatives. The names of the articles were given in the letter. As he
was about to go shopping for them, he found that the letter was missing. He began
anxiously to search for it, several others joining in the search. For a long time they
continued to search. When at last the letter was discovered, his joy knew no
bounds. With great eagerness he opened the letter and read it. It said that he was
to buy five seers of sweets, a piece of cloth, and a few other things. Then he did
not need the letter any more, for it had served its purpose. Putting it aside, he
went out to buy the things. How long is such a letter necessary? As long as its
contents are not known.

When the contents are known one proceeds to carry out the directions. 'In the scriptures you will find the way to realize God. But after getting all the information about the path, you must begin to work, Only then can you attain your goal.

The best disciple is like petrol or aviation spirit. Even from a great distance, he will instantly react to the spark of the Guru's Teaching!
The second class disciple is like camphor. A touch awakens his inner spirit and kindles the fire of spirituality in him.
The third class of disciple is like coal. The Guru has to take great pains in order to awaken the spirit in him.
The fourth class of disciple is like a plantain stem. No efforts will be of any avail over him. Whatever the Guru may do, he remains cold and inert.
Two things are necessary for a beautifully finished idol or image. One is a perfect, faultless, good piece of marble; the second is the expert sculptor. The piece of marble should but unconditionally remain in the hands of the sculptor in order to be carved and chiseled into the fine image. So too, the disciple has but to cleanse himself, purify himself, and make himself a perfectly faultless piece of marble, and placing himself under the expert guidance of his Master, allow to be carved out and chiseled into the image of God.