0991.Encounters With Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Shri Krishna and Kali through the pages of Gospel of RK

I was going thro’ the article written by Shri K.Srinivasan; he writes as follows:

Worship of a female Goddess appeals to many of us; we owe much to our mothers and hold us in high esteem and affection; mother carries us in the womb for nine months, feeds us through her blood, supports us in the amniotic fluid, shields us from jolt, noise and dust of this world; after birth nurses with milk….it is this intimate, affectionate bond that makes us think of mother with sweetness and indebtedness which can be transferred to the female God

The Master wanted to hear some songs.

At his request Tarapada sang about Krishna:

Oh Kesava, bestow Thy grace
Upon Thy luckless servants here!
Oh Kesava, who dost delight
To roam Vrindavan's glades and groves!
Oh Madhava, our mind's Bewitcher!
Sweet One, who dost steal our hearts,
Sweetly playing on Thy flute!
(Chant, Oh Mind, the name of Hari,
Sing aloud the name of Hari,
Praise Lord Hari's name!)
Oh Thou Eternal Youth of Braja,
Tamer of fierce Kaliya,
Slayer of the afflicted's fear!
Beloved, with the arching eyes
And crest with arching peacock feather,
Charmer of Sri Radha's heart!
Govardhan's mighty Lifter, Thou,
All garlanded with sylvan flowers!
Oh Damodara, Kamsa's Scourge!
Oh Dark One, who dost sport in bliss
With sweet Vrindavan's gopi maids.

(Chant, Oh mind, the name of Hari,
Sing aloud the name of Hari,
Praise Lord Hari's name!)

MASTER (to Girish) : 'Ah! It is a beautiful song. Did you write it? '

A DEVOTEE: 'Yes, sir, he wrote all the songs for his play, the Chaitanyalila.'

MASTER: 'This one has really hit the mark.'

Lets see the 6 th slogam from Soundaryalahari

(Getting sons as progeny)

Dhanun paushpam maurvi madhu-kara-mayi pancha visikha
Vasantaha samanto Malaya-marud ayodhana-rathah;
Tatha’py ekah sarvam Himagiri-suthe kam api kripaam
Apangat te labdhva jagadidam Anango vijayate

Oh, daughter of the mountain of ice,
With a bow made of flowers,
Bowstring made of honeybees,
Five arrows made of only tender flowers,
With spring as his minister,
And riding on the chariot of breeze from Malaya Mountains
The god of love who does not have a body,
Gets the sideways glance of your holy eyes,
And is able to win the entire world alone.

In places in the tantrik tradition, the Krishna avatar of Vishnu is often identified with Kali. This reaches a peak in the Tantrarajatantra, where it is said that having already charmed the world of men as herself, Lalita took a male form as Krishna and then proceeded to enchant women. In this work, Krishna has six forms, identified with the six senses (including Mind) . They are Kamaraja Gopala, Manmatha Gopala, Kandarpa Gopala, Makaraketana Gopala and Manobhava Gopala. Their meditation images (dhyana according to the same work, describes them as being like dawn, with six arms, holding flute, noose, goad, sugar cane bow and a bowl of curds. These are the five arrows of Lalita and the bow and here Krishna is identified with Kameshvara, the Indian god of love, who is otherwise called Ananga, and, like Cupid, is armed with a bow.
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