0991..... A New Poet's Dilemma Poem by Gan Chennai

0991..... A New Poet's Dilemma

Sleepless Nights don't bother me
For I keep a Paper and Pencil beneath my Pillow

Crowded Counters little annoy me
For a strewn paper come my custody

Canteen Gossips never pester me
For Poetic Thoughts befriend me

My wife's bite and my children’s fight
Make little sense in my thoughtful mind

The word boredom doesn't occur to me
Ever since I tried becoming a poet

Poeming is worse than Drinks and Drugs
I don't know whether I am alright or all left

I don't know where I drive, how I drive
Where have all the Traffic Signals gone?

God's sake I am still alive
Is this the case with you all, Dear Poets?

(03-April-2010, Chennai)

Gita Ashok 28 June 2010

Yes. I can totally relate to this. Once I made tea twice because in between I wanted to jot down something in my notebook. I preserve store receipts so that I can jot down ideas on the reverse while waiting to pick up my daughter from her dance class, etc.! ! ! It is undeniably an addiction without ill effects hopefully!

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Dickson Mseti 25 April 2010

the arrengements of thoughts using the actions you see is the cornerston of the poets composing poems. read my new poem 'poets in Danger'.

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Goran Gustafsson 03 April 2010

'I don't know whether I am alright or all left' - Nice twist of words.

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