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I play multiple fascinating roles in the drama of life - that of a daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, aunt, mother, teacher, student, devotee, friend, artist, writer, reader, editor and so on and so forth.... Above all, a human being who is all the time intrigued by every tiny aspect of life on this planet. And now PoemHunter has given me a n ...

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Whenever we go
to an amusement park or fair,
I’m eagerly on the lookout
for the candyfloss sold there.

Your Inner Voice

Amidst all clamour
stay calm, stay quiet.
Only then will you hear
your inner voice.

Across The Sahara

Miles and miles of sand
with no horizon in view,
the caravan moves on -
in search of an oasis.

An Ode To Dna

Even though you’re minuscule,
we call you a macromolecule.
The brainchild of Watson and Crick,
you make our biological clocks tick.

As The School Bell Rings

Tis sharp two
in the afternoon.
The school bell rings
as the day is done.

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