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Whenever we go
to an amusement park or fair,
I’m eagerly on the lookout
for the candyfloss sold there.

Amidst all clamour
stay calm, stay quiet.
Only then will you hear
your inner voice.

Miles and miles of sand
with no horizon in view,
the caravan moves on -
in search of an oasis.

Even though you’re minuscule,
we call you a macromolecule.
The brainchild of Watson and Crick,
you make our biological clocks tick.

Tis sharp two
in the afternoon.
The school bell rings
as the day is done.

Unassuming, humble and colorless,
with perfect corners and smooth edges,
transparent and with glistening faces,
an ice cube welcomes light rays gleefully.

I crawl, I creep,
I walk, I run.
Like an undulating river I rest not
and wait for none.

Filling in the blanks;
choosing the right alternative;
deciding whether true or false;
defining and justifying;

This poem is dedicated to the fond memory of my father who left this world almost twenty-two years ago. It feels like yesterday whenever I think of him.

Come Back With a Smile!

This poem reflects the sentiments of a typical student in high school struggling while preparing for his final examination.

When it's time for examination,
my mind is filled with apprehension

Together we can weed out corruption,
Together we can put an end to racial discrimination.
Together we can fight against terrorism.
Together we can wage a war against child labour.

Sometimes we see, but do not look
Sometimes we hear, but do not listen
Sometimes we know, but do not care
Sometimes we shout, but do not dare.

Life is like a game of chess.
Plan well your moves
if you don’t want to lose.

Take time to smile -
even if it be
for a little while.

It’s a funny fact of life
that elusive things are rife.
Whenever you’re on the phone talking,
all pencils seem to have gone walking!

A beautiful house need not be a home,
a beautiful person need not be humane,
a beautiful book may have writings profane,
a beautiful office building may be rife


Isn’t the English language at times funny?
For one word can have meanings too many.

For example, take the word ‘cell’.

Mountain slopes clad in snow,
plains and paths covered in snow,
sloping roofs layered with snow,
tall pine trees sprayed with snow,


A rose is often an inspiration source
for painting, poetry or even prose.

Found all over in myriads of hue,

Gone are the days when poetry had many rules.
Today it’s a serious hobby indulged by many fools.
No matter what month, day, date or time
no matter whether there’s form, rhythm or rhyme,

Gita Ashok Biography

I play multiple fascinating roles in the drama of life - that of a daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, aunt, mother, teacher, student, devotee, friend, artist, writer, reader, editor and so on and so forth.... Above all, a human being who is all the time intrigued by every tiny aspect of life on this planet. And now PoemHunter has given me a new and exciting role to play... that of a poet! ! ! I have a passion for life, art, reading, writing, walking, music, cooking, poetry, travelling, photography, blogging, embroidery, solving Sudoku and Crossword puzzles, watching the world go by and most importantly watching Nature.... Much of my inspiration for writing comes from Nature and all the various hues and moods of our lives. I strongly believe in the axiom: 'Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow.')

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Whenever we go
to an amusement park or fair,
I’m eagerly on the lookout
for the candyfloss sold there.

The light pink candyfloss –
I just can’t stop marveling
at how skillfully it’s made
to look like a pink fluffy cloud at sunset.

I’ve always been wanting
to touch a soft fluffy cloud
and candyfloss is truly
a good substitute for a cloud.

I love the blissful feel of it
in my mouth where -
it melts within moments
into sweet nothingness.

Whenever I eat candyfloss,
I hope I can freeze time and make it last –
But Alas!
All good things must come to an end.

So I wait for another trip
to the amusement park or fair
so that I can feast my eyes and taste buds
on the candyfloss sold there.

14 July 2010
10: 30 am

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