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Belief is Doubtful, Trust is Certain
Belief is from Mind, Trust is from Heart
Belief is Lip Service; Trust is Heart Felt
Believe many; Trust only a Few

Close your eyes, Focus on breath
Ask, Am I right? , Affirm, I will not shout
Speak in lighter voice (Most Impossible)

You get anger at me, I smile
You loose patience, I become silent
You become violent, I become tender
You shout at me, I become affectionate

Two Basic Forces rule Universe
All actions Emanate from one of these
We are always caught in one, LOVE or FEAR

I don't remember my first steps
As child, I tried to make;
Now, as a grown up Adult
I attempt my first 10 steps.

Reckless Doctors Prescribe Antibiotics Indiscriminately
Without even having a Blood Test, just on the Go

Do You know, Viral Infections have very less Medicines

Mind is a product of Brain, Brain stores Knowledge,
Knowledge is always partial, hence Mind is not a perfect one
Mind being limited is prone to err, don’t believer mind
All Problems of World, Wars, Crimes, Divorces, Cheating

Sleepless Nights don't bother me
For I keep a Paper and Pencil beneath my Pillow

Crowded Counters little annoy me

Aspirations end abrupt
Death strikes again
Mangalore,22-May-2010; 615 am
Boeing IX-812 overshoots Runway

I am not a Politician, For
I may have to live amidst corruption

I am not a Lawyer, For

Beauty is everywhere, In Dark Clouds, Lovely Sunset,
Tranquil Morning, Silent Woods, Mighty Trees, Blades of grass,
Beautiful Flowers, Great Valleys, Colossal Mountains, Sizzling Rains,
Roaring Thunders, Innocent Children, Loving Spouse, Admirable Elders,

Past and Future Are Mental Constructs
THE POWER is always in THE “NOW”

is beyond

I don't fear Death
I don't invite Death
I wish I Taste It, But
I wish it's Peaceful

I am the Most Drunk
I heavily drink Spirit-uality
Yet, I am a teetotaler

We know who is Super Star and Supreme Star
More so, we are more interested in their personal life
Ever wanted to know what Supreme Truth is?
Ever interested to ponder on above line?

Why GOD is
called a GOD?
Because, he is

Everyone writes WILL at old age
My Dad, Your Dad, His Dad, Her Dad
I pulled out my Pen and wrote my WILL
Let me have No More Births; or else

Who sets Yardsticks for Right and Wrong?
Right and Wrong are Subjective
When Perception Differs
Right becomes Wrong and

'Division is the very essence of conflicts'- JK
I am more than An Indian, A Hindu,
A Tamil, A Brahmin, A Man.
I dislike these Identities

Gan Chennai Biography

I write only Free Verses. Writing helps a lot in one's Evolution and I write mainly for the purpose of my spiritual evolution. I strongly believe that writing makes one's Thoughts Authentic. I wish to convey my messages without any fuss and hiding for least literates to understand. Also, Rhyming or length of lines doesn't matter to me. It should be understood in Split Second by all. My areas of writing may be somewhat different from my fellow poets By Profession I am an Engineer and my English will be surely, the so called, Engineer's English. My messages will have less Poetic Expressions but convey Concrete messages. I wish to convey my thesis. For poetic sake, I don't want to add extreme flavor and loose my target. I sincerely believe, Messages are more important than Magical Words.I wish to write in the field of Spirituality, Life and Living. I strongly believe that True spirituality is beyond all religions. I may not be a talented poet, but I am happy that I am a good Human Being.I have a loving wife and blessed with two Children. Dear Reader, I will be delighted to have your comments about my poems. I welcome all constructive criticisms, as it would refine and reform me more. I Love You All.)

The Best Poem Of Gan Chennai

0978..... Belief Vs Trust

Belief is Doubtful, Trust is Certain
Belief is from Mind, Trust is from Heart
Belief is Lip Service; Trust is Heart Felt
Believe many; Trust only a Few
Believing is Easy, Trusting is Hard
Belief scores 50%, Trust scores 100%
Belief is Ordinary; Trust is Extra-ordinary
Belief is Start point; Trust is End Point
Belief is Limited; Trust is infinite
Belief is Shaking Hands, Trust is Embracing
Belief keeps Control; Trust gives up control
Belief is jumping opportunities; Trust is staying
Belief is not Time Tested; Trust passes Tough Times
Belief is Partial; Trust is Complete
Believe in Thoughts; Trust your Intuition
Belief in God is Attempting; Trust in God is Surrender
Belief is Important; Trust is Essential
Belief is Plastic Rose; Trust is Real Rose

(23-June-2010, Chennai)

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Otteri Selvakumar 02 April 2010

write with love... love with write... not close your brain... and open your heart... with write...

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