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win-win Pairs
Some pairs –not necessarily couples-make a great success in the spiritual areas and their friendship/association transcend all the barriers and spheres; the beauty is that one helps the other grow

See for yourself
I was listening to a discourse on “ Adi Sankarar’s Maneesha Panchakam”

When I was meditating on the intricacies I could find similarities between various happenings and pairs:
One is siva and sankarar
Second is Siva and Sundarar
Third is Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

All the above are the mirror images of the other
Following is the episode from Sankara’s life

Sankara took a bath in Ganges and was going towards Viswanatha Temple. On his way, he met an 'untouchable' and he asked him to get away from his path, since he was an untouchable! (go away, go away -' gaccha, gaccha') Siva is said to have come in the disguise of that untouchable. To Sankara's order, the untouchable asks: ' Oh! the great among Brahmins! This body made of food came from a body that was made of food. This Chaitanya (the Self) is from another Chaitanya. Which one, do you want me to clear off? ' This
Sun is reflecting as on the waters of Ganges and also on the
waters of the gutter near my house. It reflects in the golden pot as well as in mud pot. This great bliss is there in every living being, whether there is any difference between a Brahmin and a lowly dog-eater? '

The point to be noted is Siva took the form of the low-caste person and thrashed Sankara’s misconception which is evident from Sankara’s Maneesha Panchakam
In the case of Sundarar again Siva come as a old person to be called as a fool; here

Sundarar was from the so called high caste and the old man also

Following is the episode from Sundarar’s life

His father Chadaiyanar arranged Sundarar's marriage with a girl named Shadangaviyar. On the day of the wedding, adorned in wedding fineries Sundharar set forth in a big procession riding a horse, to the wedding hall. Lord Shiva, who had given the word that he would rescue Alala Sundharan (Sundharar) in time, came disguised as a old man. The relatives welcomed the respectable old man. There the Old man asked Sundharar to settle an old account between them before going ahead with the marriage. On asking what it was, to everyone's surprise, the old man declared that bridegroom Sundharar is His slave.
The crowd and Sundharar scoffed at Him shouting, 'Are you a “ piththan ” (Tamil term for a madman) '?
In the case of Vivekananda, that time a small college student Narendra,

Narendra was from a so called low caste family whereas Ramakrishna was a brahmin

Following is an episode from the life of Vivekananda

MASTER (to Narendra) : 'How do you feel about it? Worldly people say all kinds of things about the spiritually minded. But look here! When an elephant moves along the street, any number of curs and other small animals may bark and cry after it; but the elephant doesn't even look back at them.

If people speak ill of you, what will you think of them? '

NARENDRA: 'I shall think that dogs are barking at me.'

MASTER (Smiling) : 'Oh, no! You mustn't go that far, my child! (Laughter) .
God dwells in all beings. But you may be intimate only with good people; you must keep away from the evil-minded. God is even in the tiger; but you cannot embrace the tiger on that account. (Laughter) . You may say, 'Why run away from a tiger, which is also a manifestation of God? ' The answer to that is: 'Those who tell you to run away are also manifestations of God – and why shouldn't you listen to them? '

all the above forms are complementary to each other; attached to the other like the magnet and iron

With this above preamble I present the song sung by Narendra when Master RK was in a trance(Samadhi)

Narendra was singing this song when M saw RK in samadhi

Meditate, O my mind, on the Lord Hari,
The Stainless One, Pure Spirit through and through.
How peerless is the Light that in Him shines!
How soul bewitching is His wondrous form!
How dear is He to all His devotees!
Ever more beauteous in fresh-blossoming love
That shames the splendour of a million moons,
Like lightning gleams the glory of His form,
Raising erect the hair for very joy.

(The Master shuddered when this last line was sung.)

The song went on:

Worship His feet in the lotus of your heart;
With mind serene and eyes made radiant
With heavenly love, behold that matchless sight.

Caught in the spell of His love's ecstasy,
Immerse yourself for evermore, O mind'
In Him who is Pure Knowledge and Pure Bliss.

See you in the next episode

Jai Kali

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oh divine poet, you are the one elixir that will give life all the rest of this community. what a profound writing. willing to hear more from u.posted 10 surya

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