(1.1) Epilepsy Is A Dirty Word Poem by Karl Stuart Kline

Karl Stuart Kline

Las Vegas, Nevada - When there was only one saloon in town!

(1.1) Epilepsy Is A Dirty Word

Rating: 2.5

There they stand, hats in hand,
Turning their faces to the wall..

No involvement, No absolvement,
They stand and let me fall.

They fear to touch, I ask too much,
My illness could be contagious

I’m touched by the devil, hand of evil,
A “Christian” act would be outrageous..

They’re afraid I’ll fight, afraid I’ll bite
And look at me as if disfigured

They repeat the lies, fear in their eyes,
Believing every tale they’ve heard..

Surprised at first, they fear the worst,
Should I dare to declare myself

Through all the years, they’ve shed no tears,
Just hid me on the closet shelf

Ron Flowers 19 August 2008

An excellent write, Karl. Ron

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Bonnie Collins 18 June 2008

Excellent write about a subject that still in todays world exist.. Maybe not as bad as 50 years ago, but still enough to be felt like a disease with no catagory! ! ! Bonnie

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This poem stands out in the way it illuminates how society reacts to someone with a difference such as epilepsy. You make us see ourselves and it isn't a pretty image. Excellent work. Peace, L&T

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Melvina Germain 27 June 2007

You speak the absolute truth Karl and I'm so glad you are putting yourself out there and saying what you feel. People tend to shy away and even shun those afflicted with problems they can't do anything about. I feel for these people the afflicted and the other persons as well, reason being they are missing out on some very remarkable people. It's their lost really, they need to try walking in another persons shoes, maybe then they will be able to show some compassion. Thankyou for not being afraid to speak out. This is a fabulous couplet, very well done, I enjoyed the read immensely.--Melvina--

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Karl Stuart Kline

Las Vegas, Nevada - When there was only one saloon in town!
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