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A Birthday Wish For Our Own Robert Frost

Happy Birthday to someone who
is celebrating it very soon

If I could send a bouquet of

A Lesson From The Heart

Wandering alone in this empty
forest of darkness, stumbling
and falling as I go wondering
if the darkness now will be

* Final Sunset Sail

When the parting comes to view
and it is apparent that now all
is said and done, why is it that
there is such a need to forget

* A Lifetime Of Endless Tides

Did you ever look inside a sea
shell, and see the beauty, then
magicly hold it to your ear,
and how you can hear the

*quiet Moments

Watching your face, and looking
at you while you are napping, eye
glasses proped down to your nose
with book in hand where the last

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She is a wonderful friend. Fantastic lady at heart, which makes her poems also Fantastic.

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Ana Zaldivar 10 January 2009

Bonnie Collins you surely are the best poet I've ever know! your words are so full of feelings. Thank you so much for sharing your poems! your friend, Ana Lia Zaldivar.

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Stacey Watts 07 November 2008

You are truly one of my most favorite writer. I love the way your romantic eyes see the world and I admire your strength and friendship. I hope all in your life is as wonderfully inspiring as your poetry. Please take care, Stacey

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Andrew Blakemore 08 October 2008

Bonnie is a very talented writer indeed. Her poems are always so heartfelt and touching. She is not afraid to express her innermost feelings and to fashion them into beautiful verses. She has a very special gift. Best wishes, Andrew Blakemore

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I am married, with one daughter and 3 grandsons who are the light of my life. I enjoy writting, my personal writtings, essays, and just plain THUOUGHTS OF THE DAY, Chicken soup for the soul kind of therapy.
I enjoy the writtings of Sara Teasdale, some of Emily Dickinson, not all, some. I really have no favorites, as the talant of a writter in my o ...

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