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1 Challenge Or 1 Weak Link - Poem by Luke Easter

What’s a challenge; does accepting it make you weak or strong?
Will it be easy or might you have need, to put your seat belt on?
An arduous journey produces strength and promotes discipline,
Always remember, that belief in yourself is the only way, begin.

What’s only as strong as it’s weakest link of course it’s a chain,
If you’re the only sturdy point in the group why do you remain?
What is the use of pushing through to status quo or the same?
A main reason success or failure is associated with your name.

You have identified the problem and you have the tools to repair,
An even bigger problem is you are afraid to get up and go there,
Before Goliath, David first killed a lion and a bear tending sheep,
This future King of Israel did not flee, groan, complain nor weep.

I know how I feel however I also know what the bible says I am,
Now matter how seemingly the summit scripture states you can,
Challenge becomes a challenge only when the chain is stretched,
Where there is no other way for the weakest link to pass the test.

Who wants the success of their future or final outcome to depend?
On someone who has no intention or chance of surviving to the end,
Victory does not always go to the swiftest, the tortoise vs. the hare?
It’s not how fast you move but how safely you get from here to there.

A challenge is not a challenge loosing playing volleyball on the beach,
A challenge is a challenge when your aspirations have suffered defeat,
Because, there’s only one way to experience failure and that is to quit,
It’s one thing to be replaced by a better one but not if you choose to sit.

Okay! What’s the best thing to ever happen to the American made car?
It’s the success of foreign made automobiles produced from lands afar,
General Motors, Ford & Lincoln are producing high quality vehicles too,
However, they did not do it by sitting back to relax, neither should you.

Is there a proven best or right way to prepare before the journey begins?
Surround yourself with others sharing the same goal they are your friends,
Just like you, these individuals are seeking to achieve above and beyond,
Whales and sharks will only be found in the ocean not the backyard pond.

There is not a Standard Operating Procedure, SOP, yet there are rules,
Not those acquired from the streets, those taught and learned in school,
Realize you have already failed the challenge if your only way is to cheat,
And sooner or later guidelines will be posted then how will you compete?

You can’t look at the challenge through rose-colored glasses & accept,
To turn around and give-up because your pride is hurt from the neglect,
Not just the Jews, the family and disciples of Jesus thought he had lost,
God didn’t forsake you it’s impossible to obtain victory minus the cross.

The road to victory is by no means short and sweet it is bitter and long,
Understanding if it were easy then everybody would be big and strong,
Question, is it possible to tell good from bad certainly since it will stink,
So, on the pathway of life you are either, “1 Challenge Or 1 Weak Link.”

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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