*** 1 Day And Night With U*** Poem by angel of passion 016

*** 1 Day And Night With U***

Rating: 2.7

one day and night i would
walk along the beach with u
sit on a roof top and watch the sunset
cuddle with u along the beach
have a picnic on a high up hill top
sing 2 u good night
kiss u every time u say something
that makes me smile
give u the longest hugs
and stay in ur arms hours on end
no longer will u have a broken heart
cause 4 me it will mend
holding hands every where we go
meeting each others family
as u wrestle with my little sisters
and going thru THE TALK with my mom
as we meet each others friends
while we all hang out
sitting in the park
telling our whole life stories
till it gets dark
sitting on the beach on a blanket
with my head on ur chest
while u run ur hands thru my hair
telling me u love me
as i say it back
watching the stars
babe if i can ill spend more
than a night and day with u
ill spend the rest of my life with you
i love u

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