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a family
like no one can see
a family
everyone wants to be

i dont care if ur 2 skinny or over weight
idc if ur not funny
idc if ur black, white ect
idc if u love ten girls b4 me

when we talk on the phone
i never feel alone hearing ur voice
i want you 2 hold me so close 2 your heart
and never let our souls part

teach me 2 love
teach me 2 reach above
teach me 2 hold
with u i wanna grow old

i love you 3 simple words
8 letters
3 syllables
1 meaning i never said them b4

what if he doesnt c
that im me
what if he dont like how i look act or dress
what if i look like a complete mess

havent talked or sent and email nor a message
2 busy 4 me anymore
heart staring 2 feel so sore
feeling like im in the sky

when i hear ur voice
i picture just giving u my best kiss
a long passionate one
juat as i wrap my arms around ur neck

one day and night i would
walk along the beach with u
sit on a roof top and watch the sunset
cuddle with u along the beach

if u slip or fall ill be there
im the one who will always care
if u say no more
ur heart is 2 sore

im only 15
im still a teen

i dont no any more

i cant beleive my ears
in my heart his words peirce
he only wants to be friends
his stupid drama never ends

i was i am born to be

born to be a singer
but not a swinger

I know this girl
she's sweeter than sugar
she is as pretty as a pearl
and nicer than icing on cake

it hurts so bad
im so sad
i was falling hard
no words can describe it not even a card

my heart beats within your chest
for our love will never rest
I can never express my delight
for me and you each and every night

its a day everyone has a gift
to bring your spirits to a lift

2 bright colors red and pink

i cant stop thinking about you
wondering if you feel the same to
thinking of what we would do
and wondering if u r true

a day i wont forget
i wont regret the day we met
it was sunny and bright
i knew iwas right

this is the day i think were goin steady
i sure hope i am ready
sitting in my bedroom white dress and vale
soon ill be goin down that rail

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hi im katrina some call me kat and some katti i love writing and i love 2 argue about things tht are right like enviroment i quit smoking i have 11 sisters 2 brothers and the most wonderful loving mother and my father was killed 2 yrs ago i write about pain death love passion compassion and anything u can think of tht goes with ur love and life i like 2 write about things in the past and future and what has happened in my life i have the most wonderful boyfriend who's been with me thru evrything tht was hard or easy im having a baby girl and he completly has been ther for me thru it i adore and love him so much)

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A Family

a family
like no one can see
a family
everyone wants to be

family love
comes from above
family love
is softer than a dove

family means a lot
life will never rot
family means a lot
u will sometimes get caught

a family loves you for you
and you love them very much to
a family means everything to you
without them u wouldn't know what to do

a family

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