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A Family

a family
like no one can see
a family
everyone wants to be


i dont care if ur 2 skinny or over weight
idc if ur not funny
idc if ur black, white ect
idc if u love ten girls b4 me

*** I Love You Babe***

when we talk on the phone
i never feel alone hearing ur voice
i want you 2 hold me so close 2 your heart
and never let our souls part

*** Teach Me*** Babe***

teach me 2 love
teach me 2 reach above
teach me 2 hold
with u i wanna grow old

***i Love You****

i love you 3 simple words
8 letters
3 syllables
1 meaning i never said them b4

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hi im katrina some call me kat and some katti i love writing and i love 2 argue about things tht are right like enviroment i quit smoking i have 11 sisters 2 brothers and the most wonderful loving mother and my father was killed 2 yrs ago i write about pain death love passion compassion and anything u can think of tht goes with ur love and life i l ...

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