*** I Love You Babe*** Poem by angel of passion 016

*** I Love You Babe***

Rating: 2.6

when we talk on the phone
i never feel alone hearing ur voice
i want you 2 hold me so close 2 your heart
and never let our souls part
every way you make me laugh
i couldnt be happier
wanting 2 kiss you hold u have you stay
in my life and be mine 4 ever and 4 always
every time i call you when your sleeping
i ask do you want 2 get more sleep ill let you go
and call another time you say no you always try 2
keep me on the phone
you want 2 know all of me everything about my entire life every thing
good or bad or embarrassing
i love it when you kiss me back over the phone
or when i call you at one in the morn and you tell me i need sleep
i love how you just wanna know me and take things slow
i love how you opened your heart 2 trust me 2 love u
and never hurt you
your the best thing in my world
i love how you talk 2 me as if theres no one else in the
world but me and you and how you treat me as if
im the only one in your life
your the greatest thing thats happened 2 me
babe cant you see
i love you babe

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