(14) Seven Gateways To Heaven Poem by VINOD A K

(14) Seven Gateways To Heaven

Rating: 2.9

Seven Gateways to Heaven

The Mystic Science & Concepts
Of our body within, Seven Chakras or Energy fields
Gateways to Paradise, need to transcend
To Realize self & spiritually ascent

Awaken O’ Mother Kundalini
Benevolent power, the divine energy
Residing in the sacrum bone holy
Rise! Rise! Let the self unite with divine!

Origin of Backbone, is the gateway first
Journey begins at Chakra Mooladhara
To transcend, need the Entry Pass
of Purity, Chastity & Innocence

Just above the hips, The gateway second,
The Chakra Swadisthana
Bestows Creative powerhouse
Get Pure Attention & knowledge, to cruise

In and around the Navel, The gateway third
Solar Plexus- Void and Nabhi Chakra
Contentment, Generosity & Righteousness
Destroying Greed, Helps one to traverse

The gateway fourth
In the Heart, Chakra Anahata
Overcoming Insecurity, becoming Fearless
In the light of the spirit, Elevate! Rise!

At the neck, mouth & nose, The gateway fifth
Is the Vishudhi Chakra
Speech of benevelonce & Collectivity
Remove Jealousy & Rise with Divine Diplomacy

The gateway sixth
At Back and Forehead, The Agnya Chakra
Forgive everyone permanently
With forgiveness, ascent instantly

At crown of the head, The gateway seven
Is Seventh Heaven, the Sahasrara
Uniting with the divine pervasive
Enjoy the Cool Breeze of Paradise

The Seven Gates, O’ Seeker, navigate with ease,
Affirming the aforesaid respective qualities
With Sahaja Yoga, the great spiritual science
Bringing all religions in divine confluence

Recognize The True Guru Shri Mataji
Creator of Sahaja Yoga, to evolve spiritually
Bestower of this spiritual science profound
Salutations to thee for the great treasure we found


http: //www.sahajayoga.org/chakrasandsubtlebody/default.asp


http: //www.sahajayoga.ca/ChakraPresentation/subtlesystem.htm

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 26 April 2010

Masterly described the Union of Shiva and Shakti Enjoyed Sir… My pranams to Her holiness Sri Mata-ji Voted 10 Ms. Nivedita UK PS clicked in my favorite poem n

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