(02) Why Should I Blog? Poem by VINOD A K

(02) Why Should I Blog?

Rating: 2.7

Why should I blog?

Is it because, to vent, I need a stage?
With anonymity, as added advantage!

I have no frustration to let out,
And don’t need publicity to brag about!

What started it all was a quick inspiration
Or was it to impress a special someone?

Here I am, wondering what to blog
When, on this busy day, I am supposed to slog!

Just when I thought of dispatching this blog to history,
I discovered that I could create poetry!

The power of spontaneity
Is indeed noteworthy!

Harvesting these spontaneous thoughts
Will now be the purpose of my blogs

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 01 January 2010

Like you I’d flutter: ‘To write blog But shed off the clog… And wore poetic tog… Lo! Out of slog’.... ~ niv Enjoyed Ms. Nivedita UK PS 10+

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Catrina Heart 06 May 2009

Well blogging is also an expression of your thoughts making it into a journal. For I started also by blogging making my feelings and emotions, views and opinions come out into a writing, privacy setting is offered to be able not to brag or whatever you may call. Poetry is also an expression with an art, only more define and have some structure....but still falls into creative writing....Nice poem! Thanks....10

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Bob Blackwell 25 April 2009

Vinod, you have a gift which you should use, so keep on writing, if you love what you do it will never be a slog, but to share what you have I'm afraid you must blog. Another star poem, please write some more so I can read.

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Anjali Sinha 30 March 2009

yes why should u blog or slog you dont have too you are gifted, I can see it keep writing such wonders i Luvvvvvvvvv vit -10 anjali

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