The Taste of India

To North of India, come ‘chak le’
The ubiquitous Chole bhature,

Left, Right &Centre

At any moment, given
‘Where am I? ” – just ask the question

Ode to the Divine Mother

Found the great treasure of my life
Got the answers to questions, beyond science

Panorama - Haiku collection


Renu, my dear wife
My sweet heart, love of my life
I got you how! Wow! My splendid fate
I can’t believe, this fortune so great

Gifted are indeed, the College days
The Golden times, energizing our life’s ways

The ‘Gap’ called Life!

Journey of life
From cradle to grave

Why should I blog?

Is it because, to vent, I need a stage?
With anonymity, as added advantage!


Divine Confluence
To ocean rivers flow

The connect set up
With Divine all pervasive
The Cool Breeze Caress

Seven Gateways to Heaven

The Mystic Science & Concepts
Of our body within, Seven Chakras or Energy fields

'Science of Thoughts'!

Thought is the driver of being
Sad thoughts, tears they bring

HAIKU – Meditative State

Cool Breeze Fountain
On the crown of my head

Meditative State - 2 (Haiku)

In Total Silence

The Best Poem Of VINOD A K

(06) The Taste Of India!

The Taste of India

To North of India, come ‘chak le’
The ubiquitous Chole bhature,
Paranthe wali gali’s Pranthe,
Ttikkis, chaats and gol gappe
Delhi’s food you wont forget pyaare
pyaz ke kachori, mirchi bada
Bajre Ki Roti, Dal- bhaati- choorma
Jodhpuri Lassi and Bikaneri Bhujiya
Feel Rajasthan’s mouthwatering aroma
Sarson da Saag & Make di roti
Chicken tandoori, the taste Punjabi
Special Lassi, Malaai Maarke
That is Punjabi spirit, balle balle
Pethaas of Agra
And Pedaas of Mathura
Discover Poori
with Kaddu ki subzee
Rice with Yellow Dal-Fry tasty
Here comes the taste of UP
With something special Lucknawi
The famous kabaabs and phirnee
Imarti, Kulfi and Jalebi with dahi

Food from the Eastern States,
Ros gollas and paayas luscious
Ras malai and raj bhog
Besides these great mishti mild yet strong,
There is Bhaat & macher jol,
The unique taste of steamed hilsa dish
Indeed, Kolkata is paradise for Lovers of fish
In terms of great taste, not so far
Unbelievably is the state of Bihar
Litteee and aaloo ka bartaa
Discover this primordial taste in Patna
Also Tilkoot and ‘Sathoo’ nutritious
Bihari food is indeed delicious

From the Western part of the country,
Khaakras, Theplas, Dhoklaas with mirchi
The Gujarati flavour spread globally
From Maharashtra & Mumbai amchi
Omnipresent vada paav so tasty
Cutiing chai refreshing & Sev puri
The unique Bakerwadi from Pune city
Not to forget the Lonawala chikki

South Indian Food with strong brand ‘Udupi’
Indelible taste of Chennai City
Vada, saambhaar, dosa & idli
And the intoxicating kaappi
For the non-veggies, chettinaad spicy
Also the Biriyani Hyderabadi
Puttu kadala, Parotta,
Fish curry from Kerala
Wow! The nostalgic Ona sadya
And the delicious Aappam with stew
Can be resisted by only few
Kerala cuisine refreshing as morning dew

The food & flavor with wide variety
Nowhere in the world you can see
This great Unity in Diversity
The Great India, in one Country
Jai Bharat! Jai Hind! Yummy!

(A memoir of the taste of food savored by me during my travel and stay across the lengths and breadths of India)

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Catrina Heart 25 August 2009

A great poet of modern days..........

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