Praveen Kumar in Simply Yours

18. My Elusive Pretty Wife - Poem by Praveen Kumar in Simply Yours

You are the bright glow of my eager soul,
You are the live soul of my pregnant whole,
You are the immortal flame of my innate lamp;
You are the placid stream of my endless dreams
That creeps and steams deep in my soul’s soul;
You are my languor, my hope, my divine fulfillment.

Passages in layers of yore and inscrutable future
‘Twixt the thickly crowded stars’ bright laughter
Stand indisputable witness to our divine bond;
Halves of the Creator’s same spark we are,
Our path lies together There, here, everywhere
And blends and dissolves us forever in the other.

We are each other’s flower and its fragrance,
Moon and moonlight, the evolution’s lovely dance
That meets in ourselves our celestial common goal;
I know, I’m incomplete, my love, without you,
Come hell or heaven, my soul, you are my all,
You know that I am, just not I, without your call.

I reach you while you ride beyond stars,
You breach time’s horizons to meet my stars;
Our chord knows no time and space’s horizons,
Our bond knows no tear of the wears with use;
Like circles never run distal from the center,
We revolve round each like entangled hungry souls.

Come my Queen, come to my languorous arms,
Let’s forget all distracting distasteful worlds
In the comforting embrace of each other’s folds;
You do bring me true heaven on this very Earth
And transcend my life ‘yond the death and birth,
And transform me, love, to an immortal Self.

You are my peace, grace, celestial solace,
Contentment, success, life’s enlightened face;
When you are near, I glow like rising Sun,
When away, I grieve, go slow in whirling pain,
For, you are my cause, force, soul and essence,
Because of you and for you, I bear existence.

I yearn to reach and have you all for me
To indulge in soul to soul close interflows,
Limbs to limbs, skin and deep within too;
How I desire to intermingle and dissolve in you,
It is body, not body alone, mind, not mind alone,
But the whole as one to delve deep within you.

You are my only world, cosmos, microcosm too;
In you alone I know to build bridges, discover me;
I am your image, you, mine; we, mirrors of the other
And together we make a perfect lovely world;
My lives are an eternal probe life after life
To seek, search and discover my elusive pretty wife.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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