Jose Alonso Hernandez

Rookie (San Antonio, Texas)

(2008) Are We Too Far Gone - Poem by Jose Alonso Hernandez

Sometimes I lay awake at night
And wonder if we're savable
‘cause see we try to do what's right
But still our actions cause a fight
Just asking one more thing from God,

We try so hard to do what's right
And make each other happy
It seems so many have lost sight
And now we have to pay the fee

Can you help us se what's right
Help us see that we're deranged
Can you help us stop the fight
For stupid things like weapon range

Can you help us see the blood
That's on our hands and on our pants
Or will the blood just come and flood
Will we suffocate like ants?

Are we still sufficient
Of godly recognition
Because the way I see it we're so far gone
We're lucky if we see the dawn
Of next day's tragic happenings

Really, truly, seriously
We're so far gone in this game
People reacting furiously
Their faces always look the same
The looks of hatred never leave

God I'm asking seriously
Can we be saved?
Or is it as I feared
Has this hatred seared our skin
And our emotions, they've been cleared

God I'm asking, pleading you
Is this world really gone?
Are we really to far gone?
Are we?

Monday, March 10,2008

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

Not really a good time in my life. I was very pessimistic about life in general. Did not really feel there was much purpose to it. I don't feel that this poem really reflects my state of mind right now. But, that's what poetry and art is. Moving on and constantly changing our state of mind! (:

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