So is that time of day.
Some go for the hay.
Others try and find a way.
Yet, it is the end of day-almost.

I sit in a supreme bliss.The world spins around in it's full
perfection. My mortal eyes fall upon a moth. There fluttering
before the presence of my mortal eyes. Captured nd
floating upon a fluttering air. It seems to have but little care.

The Lord made a seed within the universe. It was a place
called the earth. A tiny seed of creation. To fill all with an
eternal plan. We are all part of the workings. To make a
space where we can rest. To have a home in eternal life.

Beyond perspective.
Beyond realms.
Beyond presence.
Beyond magnitude.

Vincent, I've seen you.
Manaic raptured hue.
Cosmic energy heart,
with a love so true.

GOD: Manipulates all.
GOD: Gives - GOD: Takes.

I look into heaven.
Stoned out after seven.
On my back alone.
All the stars shone.

Under a mighty tree.
My lady beside me.
What did I notice true.
With old cloak, shrouded blue.

Where does my mind start? Where does my mind end? No
expanse to the ultimate, the thoughts do not stop. Time does
not stop. It is all in perpetual motion. All a vibration in the
universe. Constant it is, alive in the conception. I am me,

After time, GOD will have sifted the
tare's from the wheat. With the harvest
of souls completed, GOD will open
the freezer door and melt the domain

Eyes that look inside.
Ears that speak out music.
Feelings that never surface.
Hair that grows inward.

Coldness came from the clear.
Beyond the clouds sight of ear.
Playing songs to fill my head.
Raptured hearts full of dread.

Maker of everything.
Bringer to life.
Perfection of harmony.
Creator majestic beautiful.

Small room, with twelve bathrooms.
Envelopes fill the baskets.
Mirrors with lipstick kisses.

In lines we stood.
Cause against cause - woods.
BLUE & GREY were we.
America's hemorrhage - free.

Just dont taste good.
Whats wrong-number one water.
So the rice grower, ' said'.
You maybe want more.

A world of fears.
A crying Artic sear.
A icy world wonder.
A melting water plunderr.

I sat under a tree all the day long. I contemplated the
complex majesty of GOD. There before my mortal eye's,
all the glory which is GOD. Perfection which goes beyond
the scope of mortal human contemplations. A burning creation

Small is this poem.
Trying to find a home.
Cast upon this page.
I feel of age.

Its in your heart.
Not like a beer fart.
It stays with you.
Just like a solid glue.


New York, Long Island, [ scratches on the page, making noise ]. Like reading the BIBLE, church, friends. All those who like the written word and the interchange of vibrations in the universe. May we all traverse life and find our place with GOD in all eternity. You can search on the INTERNET to find me & related links, also my poetry books DREAMS-2-3. PLUS my books THE SLAVE [voyages ], TRAFFORD.COM/07-1363 & THE BEGGAR plus SELECT POETRY, TRAFFORD.COM/08-0358 or[ search: POEWHIT ]or my web site, PEACE More poems on & - search: POEWHIT)

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Afternoon Rain Poem

So is that time of day.
Some go for the hay.
Others try and find a way.
Yet, it is the end of day-almost.
Some just like to let it coast.
Some bring it in with a toast.
It is all part of the day.
Some even get a days pay.
So we reach into our hearts.
To take out the days darts.


The 4am Poet Worm 16 July 2010

wow you wrote some beautiful poems and lines..whats your favourite poem? ? ? ? ? mine is my birthdy song* please read

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Thnx for your comment :) i find your PROFILE simple and IMPRESSIVE. with very best wishes and earnest regards, -shree

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