' 2011/06/02 Multiverse Poem by Margaret Alice

' 2011/06/02 Multiverse

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The cosmos splits into parallel universes
in which all conceivable outcomes of all
events take place; the universe is a part
of a larger multiverse

Quantum mechanics equations say
the cosmos exists in different states
simultaneously, superposition states
collapse into a single state

Electrons and photons remain in super-
position states, yet large objects do not
explained in Schrödinger's cat experi-
ment, a vial of poison breaking open

When a radioactive atom decays in a
sealed box - all in superposition states:
decayed & not decayed, broken & un-
broken, dead and alive at the same time

The entire Universe exists in superposition
states that leak away to leave what we see,
there is a ‘volume of space’ containing all
information in the universe

And all things with which the universe will
interact in the future - a causal patch’ region –
our universe is one causal patch among many
- a cosmos of differing regions

Inside a big multiverse, information leaking
from our causal patch into others, our universe
decoheres into the state we observe, Bousso and
Susskind thus explains the -

Many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, the
cosmos splits into multiple parallel identical universes:
in one the cat survives and in another the cat dies in an in-
finite number of parallel universes

Where all conceivable outcomes of all events actually
Happen – called alternative realities splitting from other
universes; the global multiverse represents the many-
worlds theory in a single geometry


The Multiverse Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
leads to a place where the Multiverse and
Many-Worlds collide
01 June 2011 by Justin Mullins
Magazine issue 2815.
http: //www.newscientist.com/article/mg21028154.200

(arxiv.org/abs/1105.3796) .

Niamat Ali Murtazai 03 June 2011

The scientific poetr seems the demand of the present and coming times. The poem is full of scientific terms and concepts that can be well understood only by some science student. It is very useful for science students. The concept of MULTIVERSE is no doubt praiseworthy.As Iqbal(An Urdu and Persian poet) remarks that beyound the stars, there are other universes. SITARO SE AAGE JAHAN AUR B HAIN

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