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Life without beloveds is a lost game;
You know, facts for us are almost the same.
They make our life easy as well as hard
For them we live, work and play our trump card.

I at once lose temper and go to rage
For the satisfaction of doubtful heart
By tearing from life 's book a peaceful page
Taking fire in mouth I want to play my part.


Anger spreads poison in mind
Destruction it leaves behind.

It snatches all our senses

I walked behind him on mountains
I got tired but reached the highest
Saw pleasure's and sorrow's fountains
And caverns fearful lowest.

Day and night I check my mobile's screen
To read my friends messages or see missed calls
For this I am ever ready and keen
So much from space in my simple lot falls.

O month of sweet and sour memories
You bring snow to wash all worries.

You bend branches with cold burden

Let the cage of your heart open
For your friends to fly away.
The pets get tired after some time
And look to sky for better flights.

Blooms are announcing a change in season
To enjoy nature putting aside reason.
Dustis wearing virgins' colours sweet
Each petal and leave looks neat and neat.


Crawling move this way and that
Eyes imagine a fluttering bat.
The primal Nature knows no scale
Or passing time leaves behind trail.

Earth deals like a step-mother, no meal
The sky like a tyrant, filled with zeal.
No soothing wind blows, no clouds, no rain
Everywhere misery, cries, pain and pain.

They say ' cleanliness is a must
We need dust nor any rust.
Students come here neat and clean
Roughness is not liked by any dean.

In middle of a congested city
A college paid its full duty.
Its grand building was excellent
All lawns and grounds decent.

Out of dust Nature's magic gives him birth
The flower is no doubt the pride of Earth.

It can be called the gift of heaven

A combination of soul and matter
Requires food for both the essentials
One shouldn't be thinner and other fatter
Their hunger must be fed with victuals.

All around I find great grace
But without human face.
What has happened to man
Where has gone Adam's rece?

My thoughts, like birds in a winter night
Filled with deep darkness and fierce fright,
Sit on boughs and twigs of hope
And try to save from breaking the delicate rope.

The mother stood in the gate
While the child seemed late
Who was crying at her peak
Her mother's favor to seek.

The world has changed rules and regulations
Not only thoughts but also sincere passions.
Day is night and night has become bright
Moonlit nights are but charmless sight.

Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai Biography

I was born on 24 April 1967 at Kasur(PAKISTAN) .I passed MA English in 1996 from Punjab University Lahore and then got MPhil degree fron Ansted University (UK) online.I write poetry in ENGLISH, URDU and PUNJABI.)

The Best Poem Of Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai

Life Is Short

Life is short, art is long all wise men say
In silent ground of Time, all players play.
Fate herself is the referee, you know too
To refuse her judgment, you have no say.

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Prof Niamat Ali Murtazai Quotes

(1) Beautiful pens are not necessary for beautiful writings. (2) Beautiful wives are not necessary for beautiful domestic atmosphere. (3) Beautiful eyes are not necessary to trace beauty. (4) Beautiful dreams are not enough for beautiful deeds. (5) Beauty creators are often not externally beautiful. (6) Beauty lovers can find beauty even in dark and ugly things. (7) Morality is the beauty of soul. (8) Often beautiful souls hide behind ugly bodies and ugly souls behind beautiful bodies. (9) Beauty of body is rare but the beauty of soul is the most rare. (10) Each sense has its beauty but the beauty of seeing is the most common.

Those who seek beauty in physical things are children; those who seek beauty in intellectual things are adults; but only those who seek beauty in spiritual things are mature ones.

As eyes are the most beautiful part of body, the most beautiful objects of nature are for eyes.

Beauty can be bought but to some extent.

Beauty is short lived but its effect is long lasting.

Beauty is undefined but a flower can act as a scale.

Those who can appreciate beauty often don't find it; and those who find it often can't appreciate it.

Every beauty can't be loved by everybody.

Beauty induces attraction but love is not dependent on beauty.

Forgiveness is the beauty of morality; charity is the beauty of business.

The beauty of language is the quick and easy understanding.

Contentment is the beauty of faith.

Friendship is the beauty of all relations.

Beauty is permanent but the things of beauty are temporary.

It is difficult to define beauty but it is more difficult to confine beauty.

Beauty is not often a thing to be searched; beauty is often a thing to be seen.

Beauty gets prominence through its opposition.

The beauty of revenge is to forget.

Literature is man in words.

Of all branches of learning, literature is the most humanistic.

Literature is man, man is literature.

When literature is lost, man is lost and when man is lost, literature is lost.

Sometimes literature becomes more human than even man.

Often beauty begets beauty, but sometimes ugliness also begets beauty and vice versa.

The beauty of relation is that it should never be broken.

Almost all languages have the same literature because there is the same human nature everywhere in the world.

If there had not been literature in the world, humanity would never have become civilized even to the extent it is today.

Literature civilizes man in the best balanced way.

The human being who is not amused by literature is a cousin of robot.

Different forms of literature are just like the different shapes of human beings.

Some human beings create literature, some read it, some follow it, and some provide raw material for it.

Literature is the most unbiased history of a nation's past.

loneliness is the best companion of creative artists.

Loneliness is the sincerest companion of man.

Every one is only one in one's

Necessity is the mother of invention; desire is the mother of necessity.

Man plus woman is equal to a human being.

Life is what one thinks of it.

Like is often like a wife: moody, meek and amusing.

Life is time, so those who waste time waste life.

The body is a cage for soul.

The body is a cage for soul.

Soul is the power of body.

Body can be called the stage of soul.

Life is an excursion for a limited time.

Death is D for life to score a goal.

It is very easy to assert but very hard to prove.

Volcanoes don't burst because of the raving of ravens.

Life's enigma is that we want to pour an ocean in a vial.

Man himself is his best friend and his worst enemy.

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