4 Am Dream Poem by William Kofoed

4 Am Dream

Rating: 3.0

Loss in indigo darkness
distress coursing through my being
shattered images flowing changing
confusion not understanding what was seen

blueberry muffins sticky and hot
one dozen found and one dozen lost
seeking in freezers cluttered and cold
perpetrator missing unable to find

Angels are watching with distressing concern
some trying to save and some trying to condemn
sharp points of doctrine tempered by love
intervention desired seeking to save

opening my eyes into gray gloom
smart clock has no answers only the time
not understanding laying awake
dawn is long coming wanting to sleep

memories disturbing keeping sleep at bay
guilty parties known becoming unknown
somehow are morphing in flowing change
the guilty are changing in monstrous ways

closing my eyes and seeking relief
wishing the dream would just fade away
accusing accusations of violating innocence
abusing another to seek personal gain

oh what is it that lurks in dark of night
twisting the darkness into half remembered dreams
is it external or part of me
feasting on fears in dark of night

opening drawers and within them searching
for missing muffins somehow astray
wondering why who stole them away
perhaps already consuming forever lost away

time slowly passing and staring at the walls
clock has no answers but I have not sought
perhaps there is wisdom in its artificial ways
casting aside all hope of the night

rising up in dark of night
running away from dreams that I had
seeking the light to be found elsewhere
as dreams shatter and then fade away

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