Praveen Kumar in Simply Yours

72. From Unknown Horizons - Poem by Praveen Kumar in Simply Yours

The gust of divine light from unknown horizons
Splashes like long flames of colourful fireworks;
It flows to me in floods in dazzling shines,
It carries new hopes and warmth from the far away world,
New strength, new insights, new worlds of unknown joy;
The celestial flashes drown my soul in divine force,
A rare pleasing calm dawns on the soul
And all worlds look alike with soft, gentle divine light.

The gust of divine light from unknown horizons
Shakes the Self with shocks of fresh visions,
The flush of bright light fills and cleanses the Self
And spreads inside to wash patches of gloom;
The weightless heart in the ocean of bright sunshine,
In ripples of pleasures that produce sweet divine songs,
Dances in ecstatic madness in wait of what to break in
What are pure joy, beauty and enlightenment.

The gust of divine light from unknown horizons
Breaks like showers and reaches like floods,
No time to breathe, no time to wait and drink;
Like whirlwind, it uproots travails of reasons
And absorbs me head-on like water on sand;
All passions still, but pure streaks of joy
Drip to celestial rhythms in leisurely grace
And I glow as light in communion with light.

The guest of divine light from unknown horizons
Spreads from all sides in single infinite sweep;
It seizes me, dissolves me to universal gentle peace,
Where I am no more I, or anything ever mine,
But, a stream of bright glow, one with everything,
Without height and weight and bonds of time and space;
I swim in the bright light, spread in infinite sky
And feel the joy of Heaven without pull of the Earth.

The gust of divine light from unknown horizons,
I see with inner eyes and feel with inner mind;
The swell of new tides, the bell of new moods
Reaches tired soul and raises hopes to new heights;
In the shower of divine light, in the breeze of enlightenment,
The ruffled feelings calm, the storms in self still;
The soul that drinks the divine glow,
No more sinks back to the hell of black passions.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poem Edited: Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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