83] Message Eighty-Three: Wisdom Sets You Free... By Joshua Aaron Guillory Poem by Joshua Aaron Guillory

83] Message Eighty-Three: Wisdom Sets You Free... By Joshua Aaron Guillory

83] Message eighty-three: Wisdom sets you free.

p.1—Gang-stalking: If you compose a message, and the time of composing it was 7: 00 a.m., and you mention it online, via email or webpage, and later that day or following morning, you go into the kitchen, and you see 7 seconds on the microwave, the result of someone in your family doing so, it could be a coincidence. But if you repeatedly see things like this happening, it's proof you're being gang-stalked or harassed. In message 82 when I explain seeing 'vomit' when you read the word 'move' backwards, as being a shortening of or abbreviation for vomit, etc., and then the following day I discover that someone has subsequently placed an envelop or gift card on the ground backwards, and that particular incident doesn't usually occur but other things like it continually happen to match what I type online, then that's a sign of gang-stalking. Consider the following words from A. K. Forward, in his book Gang-Stalking and Mind-Control, 'These strange activities will not be isolated incidents in a target's life, but will be ongoing, usually occurring regularly enough that there can be no mistake that they are not just coincidental, but very purposeful.' And, for instance, it may not always be that it's a 7 on the microwave; it could be seven soda cans stacked in the refrigerator; or seven pieces of chicken, etc. And if you're a person who doesn't believe that a person is involved in gang-stalking, and you're not watching or monitoring them and their activities 24/7, then you can't honestly determine that they are not gang-stalking. If someone accuses them, you, without exempting the alleged gang-stalker, must consider them as being someone who potentially or in fact is. Another example is, someone in your family could be tampering with the a/c unit. One day early in the morning they decide to turn the cool air on when it's cold outside. And you notice this, and you hear them, but when you open the door and check to see if they're around, you neither hear nor see them. And then you open the door to go back into your room, but, instead of going back in, you close the door, as if you went back in. And then you hear them, near the location where you heard them at, moving around and making noise. That's a definite sign of not only being someone targeted or gang-stalked, but of having the proof that such is happening.

p.2—In my own life I can tell you that I know with certainty that before people started doing things to gang-stalk me, such things didn't happen, especially not to the noticeable degree that they're happening. You will know when you're being gang-stalked. And you'll know you're not delusional. Some of those gang-stalking you are mad, bitter, and working with the government. It could even be something that doesn't belong to you strangely placed on your side of the kitchen table, which matches something you typed in a message, being proof that you're being gang-stalked. It may be after you've typed your 75th message you see that strangely and unusually 75 cents is placed in a location where money isn't usually placed or stacked. You'll notice that people are just living a lie, blaspheming the Holy Ghost, pretending like nothing is happening, though it is. It could be that these gang-stalkers are trying to force you to get back into society, the workforce, and things like that, although you're not going to do things by force. You may say, 'I'm not.' They want you to see what they're doing. It's a form of countering you. It's to fatigue you and destabilize your efforts of doing as you please. Those living in denial are not 100 percent around the gang-stalkers nor their activities every minute of every second of every day. It may be every morning you see the result of their gang-stalking. They're consistent with the nefarious activity. And they are most likely bitter. And there are people in your own family who most likely will exempt the evildoers. It's wise to expose them, too, if necessary, in your messages. And use wisdom to be gracious or merciful as well. Do what God leads you to do. Those in denial will say dead or vain things, not of love, but of the Devil. The government even gets the gang-stalkers to do things through the cellphones. The government may have them watch a boring TV show which matches similar words you've typed in your messages, everything being timed for you to hear it.

p.3—All modern day companies, which are well-known by most people, are in cahoots with one another. So if you're being gang-stalked, they may just erase the proof or evidence of them directing the harasser to harass you. You're definitely going to notice the matches. Things matching too closely to just be coincidental. Same words. If you talk about the word 'see, ' then it'll be something the gang-stalker does using the word or sound of 'see.' If cake or ice cream is the topic you recently used or discussed, then that'll be their counter. It'll have something to do with cake or ice cream, etc. It's certainly intentional what these perps are doing. Those in denial do not know every person the perp has talked to from day to day. They don't keep track of every place the perp has gone, nor the activity on the perp's cellphone. There are enough people in the world to fake deaths and make or create fake bodies, which can also be related to gang-stalking, if such activity is directed at the so-called targeted individual. The gang-stalkers know many, if not all, of your routines. So if you eat after taking a bath, they know to have things ready for you when you arrive in the kitchen: things pertaining to gang-stalking. A card or envelop chilling on the floor, is an example. So timing things to fit, is what I'm telling you they do. If you come down from upstairs, the perp may constantly be around. The government and whatever people they use as perps know that in order for anything to have a chance of being destructive to the so-called targeted individual, that individual must be aware of what's being done. And to those being targeted, do what's best to maintain your composure, speak intelligently, and, to a degree, professionally, and do that which prevents you from becoming overly energetic or excited in a crazy sort of way. Be as clear as you reasonably can. And the so-called Christians, who are gang-stalking, don't truly care about God.

p.4—They don't care if they put themselves in hell forever. Many of them are taught the hell-fire scare. And they don't care if they end up there. Or down there in hell. The perps want to force the so-called targets into public, instead of letting them go into public peacefully or freely. The perps want them to accept that the government is going to do dirty stuff in a bad way. But the individual must say or take the stance that things will be done the right way, and that he or she will continually be composed. And, like me, continue to compose messages, and they will be sent out all over the world. And the individual's life will change financially and in terms of relationships, and all kinds of stuff. And things will just get better and better and better. When the individual realizes that the perps can lie incessantly, it's like everything the perps do will be considered dead. These particular perps have a history of doing devilish things. You'd think the perps would care more about their reputation being upheld because they did the right things, rather than doing things behind the scenes deceptively to try to force others to do things or try to ruin their lives. We're all angels, and we must remember that: whether you're someone who's gang-stalking or being gang-stalked. And whether the government has done so or not, they're willing to fake deaths to create situations that never even existed, to try to get certain people in line, under them, or submissive. And so you know, gang-stalking is dumb. And worthless for the government has it been and will continue to be, when they direct it at me. Whose work will live (on) ? Mine. My works are eternal. My poem 'Who Stays in the Saddle, Using Wisdom, Wins the Battle, ' for instance, lives on, not the gang-stalking they were doing around that time to me.

p.5—That poem has helped me bigtime in my life. The gang-stalking died. Their actions or misactions died. All their attempts were wasted for them. I continue to gain. And they continue to complain. My poem lived on, not the gang-stalking. The works of the perps die. I live on. My works live on. Record your words. The perps are always in danger of being penalized for plagiarism. You're not getting salvation, liberation, or freedom at none of these modern-day churches. Dorian, whose name (basically) means freedom in Greek, couldn't get satisfaction at Sixth Street Community Church or Starlight Church of God in Christ. Because the pastors of those churches are about themselves. They have good in them, but they're playing with the gospel, instead of achieving the gospel of Jesus Christ. Dorian/Dorean would be treated like a god in my church. He'd be gifted with opportunities as well as receive much financially. A king he would be. Freely he'd receive, give or do. And not be wasted vainly. These modern-day pastors doing their thing keep the game or hustle going (on) . It's all in the book 'The Fire Next Time' by James Baldwin. That's a great book to read. Read that book, and get hooked on it, too. Listen to beneficial advice. Many of you are slaves to churches, because you refuse to listen or accept the truth that could have set you free. I'm glad I recommended years ago the YouTuber Walter Hampton to Andrea Robinson. He's, the last time I viewed his videos, a homosexual or same-gender loving man. He's very intelligent, interesting, and tells it like it is. He exposed people, the church, not listening, staying in bondage to stupidity. And his courage to divulge what's necessary to these people, even if they don't want to hear it, is a great quality of his. Many people are still caught in the slavery or hustle of the church. No way I'd be bound to those churches. You got to be a slave to want to go to them.

p.6—People have figured the way to deal with me, my messages, and trying to cause me frustration, is to counter everything I do. So if they're unable to counter, or I counter back, their attempts are always useless for them. And all these messages that I have sent, they have not stopped me from sending messages. They've wasted all these years. God's gonna say to them, and in truth already has, looking on the record, y'all were trying to mess with Josh every day. Y'all were doing dirty stuff. Y'all are expecting to get to heaven. No, depart from me you workers of iniquity. I never knew you. People believe my words, that's why they're scared of me. Those people who know they've been behaving badly. In the eternal lake of fire, along with the Devil and his angels, is where they're headed. The proof many of you are blind, is that you belong to these modern-day churches. You know you're blind. When I do talk, I'm glad I do so. And I get it all recorded. So, as a result of that, their plans of trying to steal my words vaingloriously or spitefully don't work. Their mission, purpose, or point, to incite me to talk, fails for them. Because if or when I talk, my words go into my messages. And I get the win, not them. For me it's victory, but not for them. And be free. Eat food where you want to. If the pastor is preaching and you're in the sanctuary, eat you a box of Papa John's pizza. And whenever you're lead to talk, do so, if you want to… People may try to interrupt you, but God is still with you. Church members are used to slavery. They're accustomed to it. They're ready to go work in the fields and pick some cotton. All I got to do is go get Lindsey. He'll have them back in the fields, picking some cotton. They'll be at home.

p.7—And (jestfully) I'd be in the kitchen cooking them some food, with one of those women-hats, those bakery or deli hats. They'd be trying to put me in the house, to get me to be a house Negro. Referring back to the microwave, know where the clear, or stop and clear, button is, and just look in an upward direction and you won't see the time the gang-stalker wanted you to see. And if you're someone working with the government to gang-stalk, and you're being recorded by the person you're targeting, and you're comfortable with it, it's highly possible you're okay with it, because you know the government is with you or on your side. Crazy in the sense of trying to force me to do something against my will, is what the government is constantly trying to do. Trying to get their mission accomplished by force will only delay what they're trying to do. They'll have to go years without trying to gang-stalk or harass. They're just gonna have to totally give it up. The government will have to cease their attempts. I'm not committing suicide. I love life! I'm happy! I'm living forever! And it's nothing any of you can do about it. And that goes for the government and anybody else. Another thing gang-stalkers may attempt to do is get a life insurance policy taken out on you. Get you to give or draw blood. It could be a family member, or family members, who may ask this of you. The Taco Salad my mom cooked is delicious. And I like the slices of cheesecake I ate today, too. I love cheesecake and taco salad. And whether people think it's wise or stupid, and whether or not it is, I'm going to reveal who the people were who would have been or was judging Scottie Harmon while he was away. Anna, Cathy, and possibly John Davis. They'd seem to be the primary ones stuck in the delusional reality of collegiate prestige or social credibility. Ryan, too, but he's rarely at family gatherings. Aunt Myrtis doesn't seem to be one who'd have cared much about that stuff to judge you negatively.

p.8—She'd have more so been welcoming, instead of disregardful or disrespectful. Neither me, my mom, nor brother, judged you negatively. I'm like Tupac. Everything in your life fit with what I would have expected, and right for you to relatively detach yourself from the brainwashing of the world. You were smart for not coming, because of the judgmental nature of some. But it would have been wise, if you would have attended, also. I think you chose rightly. Anna, Cathy, and John might have still been nice or friendly to you. Everybody knows if the sickness or cancer hadn't occurred, you'd have made it to the pros. You'd have been a professional baseball player. Everybody with sense knows. And, of course, you know, too. And you have sense. Societal credibility or viability, including scholastic achievement, is the issue or obstacle of those I mentioned. But they would have still been friendly in some way or another. But since you're like me, you're able to discern the standoffishness, which would or may have occurred. After exposing Kanye in message 69, I watched 'The Sixth Sense.' My watching it reminds me of Sigourney Weaver in 'Death and the Maiden' again listening to the music of her favorite composer Schubert. I watched The Sixth Sense, and I enjoyed it. As people can see, I'm destroying, or through their actions they're destroying, this little crazy world where they're trying to force everybody into church, workforce, college. That's being destroyed. This whole little thing where they think we have to forever go to college, we all got to be in the workforce, we all got to do the church thing, or one of those, or waste our time just going to the store every day, and that's it, or watch TV shows, is being destroyed. If the government gave me 50 credit cards, they still owe debt for all the penalties of all the wicked stuff they have done.

p.9—50 credit cards will not satisfy or be sufficient enough to cancel out their debt. They shouldn't expect me to pay them any money back. They might try to say, Joshua, can you pay us back? If we give you 50 credit cards, will you pay us back? Those credit cards would be considered to me as free money or like a grant.40 million dollars is more so a reasonable amount for them to pay. Or to consider negotiating on 2 million dollars to pay me. But 40 million or 2 million would be much less than the amount they truly owe me. Them giving me 2 thousand every hour until it reaches 40 million would be wise for them to do. They're gonna have to really pay. This isn't any game where they seek to do meager things to falsely satisfy large debts. I'm appreciative for the Social Security, and all that, but they've done so many wicked things that they owe (me) . So the smart thing for them to do is give me forty million dollars or something (like it, or close to the amount of forty million dollars, etc.) . Trust me, with all this knowledge I'm giving, it's scary for the United States government. They could be overthrown in a matter of days, if not hours or minutes (or less) , with some of the stuff that I'm saying, because they're wicked. So if they want to be smart, by trying to do something to appease, then they know what must be done. I'm definitely not gonna stop composing messages… I have a zillion messages. I'm so at rest with everything I have done, and God has done for me. And if you're being gang-stalked, and you want to go out into public, do so extemporaneously or suddenly without giving any, or giving very little, notice to anyone. But if you do tell someone what you're about to do, do it close to the time of you going out into public. And if possible, if you give anyone any knowledge or hint of what you're about to do, do so away from cellphones, or any other devices people are able to use as mediums or channels for listening to your conversations. There may be people in your family who might use the opportunity of your going out into public to search through your private things.

p.10—So consider all that, prior to going out in public. And there are those in your family living in denial of gang-stalking who are holding on to an assurance that the gang-stalking isn't happening. It's really sinfulness what they're doing by denying with insufficient reason or irrational faith the gang-stalking that's in fact happening. And me saying that, is not to hurt people unjustly, but to justly state the truth, which is helpful or beneficial. It would be better if they stated, To their knowledge, such and such isn't happening, but not with a definite nescience (deceptively disguised as wise assurance) , though it is happening. I know that the people gang-stalking are (gang-stalking) , because the evidence presented proves they're gang-stalking. The proof reveals the truth of what's happening or going on. But those living in denial are trying to escape the situation that's happening—a form of escapism—in order not to truly deal with it. They just don't want the gang-stalkers to be working with the government, just as many religious zealots, fanatics, sectarians, or denominationalists don't want anything else to be spiritually true that's different from the religion or religious denomination they're in, or believe in, even though what's different could take them higher. Those in denial just don't want that to be the case, of certain people behaving cruelly for the government towards others. Gang-stalking, when it's occurring, or has occurred, will fit undeniably with the fact that it actually is going on. Most sane, most believable, initially, and equal with any, in terms of plausibility, is Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, and the testimony he gives about gang-stalking, whether or not he's working for or against it. Namely, for or against the gang-stalking or the government perpetrating it.

p.11—He exposed the fact there are Fusion Centers, where people go and meet up and discuss with others plans, or the topic, of gang-stalking. The whole nine yards. It's any citizen or person the government wants to gang-stalk that they'll go after or target. And we know, according to A. K. Forwood, they commonly attack people who live in low-income environments, areas, or houses. It's well-known they used to primarily, or so it has been said, target and attack whistleblowers, who came out against the government, who were formerly or currently (at the time) employees of the government. And, likewise, any so-called major figure opposing or speaking heavily against the government. But in modern times, currently or presently, they go after anyone who's speaking out against them, whether or not they're well-known, and whether or not that movement is well-known, etc. Random people they may decide to target or work on. Plausible or credible evidence has destroyed the impudent assertions of those living in denial. The government binds the gang-stalkers with confidential agreements, wherein they're unable to disclose what's being done, without being penalized for it. They keep them silent by getting them to sign an agreement or agreements. Keep quiet is the motto. And if the gang-stalker or gang-stalkers admit years later the activity they engaged in, they still lied. They lived a lie that whole time, whether or not they thought what they were doing was right or wrong, or both. And whether or not they say they didn't know no other way. For instance, there's nothing I'm doing which should incite people or be a reason for people to gang-stalk me. In no way justly should people be gang-stalking or trying to harass or bother me.

p.12—The whole point of them gang-stalking is to provoke the individual, whether it's to wrath or to do something, etc. When I used so-called cuss words in some of my messages, I wasn't angry; I was free (and, of course, still am) . But it definitely got people's attention. Some email services may block your messages, if they contain so-called cuss words, or sexual terms, or have something mentioned in them pertaining to race, etc. Michelle Belcher, a woman of much potential, said things years ago that revealed her fixation or relative connection to the ideologies of so-called Communism, with words like contribute and liberal. When she said people should contribute, she didn't mean it in a free way, but rather in a limited, whatever-the-government-allows-you way. So if you're gifted in gematria, and God has called you to teach that, and it's to be your livelihood, but presently isn't accepted commonly or deemed by people as economically viable, then, according to her, and/or what she was meaning, you have to toss that out the door. I don't agree with the limited options the government or society accepts or approves (of) . Whatever God leads us to do, that's what we must do. I'll discuss more about this and her in future messages. I recall an incident years ago in which a lady is calling me Jason, and shortly thereafter cellphone messages are being sent to me by random strangers calling me Jason. Etymologically, Jason can be another name for Josh/Joshua. According to the Holman Bible Dictionary, Jews and Gentiles may use Jason as a substitute for Joshua or Joseph. However, in certain movies, especially (in) a certain one I remember, Jason was considered a crazy or wicked character. And, therefore, to call one Jason could be done so derogatorily or sarcastically. And I'm not necessarily referring to the Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees' character.

p.13—And this same woman (after I had claimed on a website that we should disregard what is politically correct or socially acceptable, and speak how [or what] we honestly or truly feel) stated that I was politically correct, based on her perception of something I had told her. And she's a part of one of those white supremacists' families, who have made it socially and economically in society. Especially the latter (economically) . And by made it, in this case, I mean succeeded approvingly, according to most people's criterion of success. Bonds, agreements, oaths, to uphold the agenda of white supremacy, and to enjoy the benefits thereof, is what is clearly the case with the family she's a part of. That's the motif, primary motive, or central theme, of their existence and behavior. I could have had a George Bush moment stating that. 'Where wings take dream/dreams take wing.' George Bush is something; a very smart guy. Years ago I had several conversations with people wherein I discuss how I'm chosen and greatly loved by God, that he sees my true worth or value, how special I am, but how so-called white people are blind to this. And, after those occasions, at a later time, the same woman mentions how she feels or thinks there's something special about me, repeating the same words I said. I had said years ago how so-called white people only do to receive something in return. And then sometime after that a white lady, not the aforesaid woman, but another woman, brings me some books, giving them to me for free. They do stuff like that. They're in a constant state of counterintelligence, prisoners to feeling they have to keep the population or certain things unreasonably under control. But none of that has stopped me from enjoying life or freely composing messages. Whether it's the government gang-stalking through Instacart, DoorDash, neighbors, or other members of the so-called community, they've failed.

p.14—And I have prevailed and will continue to do so. To prevail. I'm enjoying life. And the satanists, whether or not they belong to the Church of Satan, have done rituals, praying and pleading for my life to be ended, even with them having great or high moments therein, but to no avail. Zillions of angels like and love me, including Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Ariel, Uriel, etc., and even Lucifer. Even Samael and the Devil, the latter only hating or disliking me to a small degree. And countless demons favorably obsessing and desiring me. All the attempts of the satanists to destroy me have been destroyed. Everybody or everyone in the spiritual world likes and/or loves me, angels and demons: All angels and demons like and/or love me. Neither churches, nor professed devils or satanists, can get me out of here. I'm eternal and immortal, forever. Some of the satanists out there have had some of the greatest rituals, performing them with achieving superb highs. They said to themselves, 'We're definitely gonna get him out with this one, ' but to no avail. I'm still in heaven, and they're still feeling the hell of their defeat (loss) . The devil is really the only one who doesn't like me in certain areas, and he's seduced, or feels seduced by my power, or aura, given to me by God. The Devil, saying to himself, 'I thought I was supposed to hate this guy. And I'm loving that son of a gun/God.' I'm already in heaven. And Charles Manson I seen flying and riding high with Mother Goose. It's these people that don't like me: There are people that don't like me, but the angels and demons love me. I'm enjoying life.

p.15—People think going to the store and getting groceries, or going to church, or out into public, is heaven. Most people doing so are enslaved to society and afraid of their denunciations or disapprovals. And if you church members are so free, willing and of your own accord, stop going to church for a year, not due to some epidemic, etc. And see what happens! Practicing or performing rituals won't kill me. That's a truth that will set you free. I told you the truth. Scottie Harmon was suffering and all those family members could do (all that time the only thing they really did) was mainly think about their own degrees and big houses, and stuff like that. Somebody could have been there for him all those years. And there were people who could have. God has blessed me tremendously. I stayed in the LORD. By the grace of the LORD, I stayed in the LORD, and still am in him. I'm living the best life. No one is enjoying life like me. Not Aunt Cathy, not Aunt Anna, not Dr. Fowler, not even Kanye West, nor J.Lo, not even Jay-Z, because I'm free. Kanye is a good actor. I'm telling y'all, I feel good. Woo-hoooo! IndustryHoax Revealed did good exposing T. D. Jakes and Tupac for repeating words as a method to make those words become a part of people. It's funny, and true, too. They affect you consciously and subconsciously, subliminally and sublimely. Even though it has a truth to what T. D. Jakes was saying, in regard to sowing seeds or money and not even needing an anointing to be blessed thereby, in the 90s his career would have been destroyed, if the churches at that time would have heard him say something like that. He would have been ostracized. Everything these present-day churches are doing is a part of something that's higher than them. I don't mean in the sense of taking things up, but someone's telling them what they can say and not say. And the one who did good exposing that is (a) former Church of God in Christ pastor Dr. Ray Hagins.

p.16—He exposes how it is. There are things they're told they can talk about and not talk about, and what they are to talk about, similar to psychology, with counsellors, doctors, nurse practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, etc. They're permitted to say certain things, and certain things they can't, and certain things they want them to say or talk about: It's always college, workforce, the same stupid politics or stuff. They don't do nothing, but attempt to keep you enslaved to the institutions of the world (They don't do anything, but attempt to keep you enslaved to the institutions of the world.) . And some of you men are getting divorced from your wives because you are control freaks. Your wife may be someone who wants to stay fit and be more so smaller in weight than you'd like, but you may want her to gain weight or not lose weight, because you are enamored by thickness for sexual reasons. When a family member of mine told me he had joined the Masons (or had become a so-called freemason [many] years ago) , that was perfect in the sense of the devious character or behavior I seen by him: perfect for proving my point. Pretty much all devilish things that are being done in the world, like gang-stalking, is rooted in their fraternal order, whether it's the white supremacists' multi-cultural Masonry, or the so-called black offshoot of Freemasonry, no matter how much good they have done. Though deceptively and insufficiently, they are taught certain things to kind of free them out of the system, to get them thinking they're on a higher level than those in the churches (than uninitiated people who attend church, or uninitiated members of a church) . Of course, many of them are members of Christian churches, even pastors, deacons, etc. They don't necessarily feel they have to go to church. They don't feel that judgment or conviction of most Christians.

p.17—They feel they got the truth, and that the church people are deceived and brainwashed. Although that is relatively true, those masons are greatly brainwashed, too. They may feel knowing Jesus represents the Sun is the highest knowledge, or that there is a spirit (inside the Sun) moving (in) it and as it, or that there is also a consciousness or space within it that is the primary source for its life or sustenance. But they're blind still to so many other things, which are necessary for them to know, although they relatively do not know such things. The unmasonic church members may feel they have to believe in Jesus: or else they'll go to hell. But the masons don't necessarily believe that. Their belief is more so good works outweighing bad ones, even if their hearts were wicked continually or much of the time. So they feel they can do ANYTHING they want, with or without respecting the rights or wellbeing of all others. Self-defense is wise, but not delusional self-defense. They may hate a person insanely and unreasonably and think doing good to others lovingly will in some way exempt their outrageous rage or fear for/towards the person they hate. Which is crazy. Such belief is crazy. They feel they can do all kinds of evil stuff, but as long as their good works outweigh their bad (works) , they're safe and in God's grace, or that things will be alright. That's what they really feel. Jesus may be the Sun to them, or John the Baptist Venus, etc. It's more to it than that, but that's a synopsis, or concise way of putting it. The churches need to be teaching gematria. Many of you are putting yourselves through a lot of things you would have never had to go through. Innocent, unless truly proven wrong or guilty, is how people should treat those who have claimed they are being or have been gang-stalked. More so agree, believe, accept, the testimonies of those claiming to be gang-stalked.

p.18—And go along with them or it as best as you can, instead of giving premature or foolish contradictions against them. Support the individuals being gang-stalked and their testimonies, as best as you can, instead of falsely denying or judging them. And none of these Christians can truly say they know with certainty that Jesus existed when the so-called scholars say he did. None of the historians during or around the period he supposedly existed say anything about him, with the exception of an alleged few, not including later fabrications or fabricators. The historians who lived during or around that supposed time of Jesus were honest historians, to a great degree, regardless of things in their works being embellished. They did so at least a little bit give their works embellishments. Nobody really records this guy Jesus from/of Nazareth. If you are not around people who are accused of gang-stalking, watching all of their activities or behavior, especially if they've shown wicked or deceptive habits or traits throughout their life, then you can't or will not rightly determine with assurance that they're not gang-stalking. When people turn psychopath, they start doing crazy things, have multi, split, or all kinds of personalities, and will do wicked things and also relatively good things and treat the bad things they do as not really being bad. They are able in their minds to do dirty stuff in a sick or evil way. Definitely, those who become or are psychopaths do such things. People must study, or should study, the history and definitions of a psychopath, and rightly discern what or who a psychopath is, not just superficially associating free individuals who live guiltlessly as psychopaths, but those who are really doing nefarious or consistent evil and not behaving in a way that shows they feel guilt nor are changing or repenting of that wicked behavior. Psychopaths continually do wickedly.

p.19—My so-called dad figured long time ago he had to control, because he got some sense of control when he was a child. And he's built everything in his life based on that control. He feels he has to keep people under his control. Because if he doesn't, he feels that he will lose control of things. And that's what he's done. And that's the truth. He lives like a psychopath. Let's take the word psychopath, which has a numerical value of 131, and sentences ago I mentioned 'When people turn psychopath, ' and, for an example, show what a psychopath will do. If a psychopath knows I'm always immersed in gematria (because of course I have a love for it) , they may look at 'psychopath' and notice 1 and 31 (numbers contained in 131) , and then going backwards subtract the 1 from the 31 equaling 30, as if to 'turn' the word 'psychopath' or its numerical value to 30. And then they, being crazy, may have 30 seconds on the microwave, hoping or desiring that I see the 30 seconds. A psychopath is willing to do crazy things to upset or control someone. The government is filled with psychopaths. Gang-stalking is psychopathy, or a form of it.30, we know, is the numerical value of peace. Therefore, having a 30 on the microwave could be their attempt to add insult to the hoped-for injury of theirs. It may be their way of saying they're at peace, and that you're the psychopath, instead of them. They may do so, because you said something about them that they didn't like, like calling them a psychopath. I'll give you an example. I gave my mom an example of someone writing or discussing the number 3 and a psychopath or gang-stalker, seeing or in some way discovering or hearing about that, subsequently goes to the microwave and starts the timer and has it stop at a number which has or contains 3. My dad wasn't around when I told my mom this, and the next morning the number 30 was on the microwave. Which is something that doesn't regularly occur.30, up till the time of that, didn't habitually appear like that on the microwave. Any form of harassment is gang-stalking, if it has that sinister nature of trying to ruin a person's life or goad them to do something that God doesn't necessarily require them to do.

p.20—It may be to get a spouse out of the house. Let's say a daughter has an apartment, but due to the gang-stalking at that place, the daughter, still paying monthly rent (though not living there physically) , lives instead with her parents now. Whether one or both of her parents are a part of the gang-stalking, they may do things to try to get her out of the house. And they may hope to harass her in certain things, hoping she will discuss personal things about herself that will make people think she's crazy, lazy, or something else relatively detrimental, in order to cause people to reject her message or lose whatever support they may have come to have for her. My view is, anyone similar to that woman (or daughter) is smart. Let's use my messages and webpages as another example. Through my webpages alone, I have done more than some of the highest paid authors in the world. It's like deserving 600 million dollars for writing books, but never getting paid for doing so, and people looking at me and treating me as if I'm doing nothing, though I'm doing excellently. Anyone being gang-stalked is permanently exempt from the obligation of working as a necessity for money. Why? Or how come? Because anyone being gang-stalked deserves millions or billions, if not trillions, for being gang-stalked. The penalties for gang-stalking will come to millions or billions, if not trillions, of dollars. Like Eric Karlstrom beautifully or perfectly said: cops, for instance, may feel you crossed them, so vengefully they may try to do things to pay you back. In other words, people are doing spiteful things. And the penalties for their behavior will ultimately pay you back. That's reasonably and inevitably true. Them trying to pay you back the wrong way, will eventually lead to them having to pay you back the right way.

p.21—People should go along with the person being gang-stalked, in the sense of seeing how much they can give support to the truth of the person being gang-stalked, without judging them or it falsely or ignorantly. Support people who are being gang-stalked, or who make the claim of being so, and condemn not nor deny them or their testimony or assertions… Many people are very instrumental in enabling the government to infiltrate, to some degree, the life of the one being gang-stalked or targeted by the government. My mom was wondering why my so-called dad locked a door that isn't normally locked during the day time. And it came after that message wherein I discuss the key or keys, and that people have the power to allow or disallow others from entering into the room of their heart. Thankfully, the Lord has given me the righteous wisdom to continually expose his wickedness in my messages, whenever doing so is necessary. The wickedness of my so-called dad. My messages get into people's psyche and subconsciousness. Some people may even create inequality in their reactions to things you say that are right. I guarantee you all that some people are like those people in 'The Sixth Sense' movie that are dead, seeing what they want to see, though many such things are delusionally seen or perceived. Be thankful when someone exposes what's not right with the world. See the truth, not the lie. Judge righteously of things, and not falsely of things. Let your perception always be true. My messages are about helping people, but, at the same time, destroying the evil works of the devil. So, therefore, people who choose the Devil are destroyed with the Devil. Those who silently scorn me are silently scorned by God.

p.22—Know I'm like Jesus, Malcolm X, and Tupac Shakur, I'm gonna tell you the truth about what's going on. I will expose whomever or whatever. And I'm not afraid to marry Ms. Tattletale manifested as a trans woman in the flesh. The government is doing some stupid stuff to try to constantly provoke me. Leave that dude alone, is my advice to them, or he'll just expose ya. You gotta be different with different people. I'll just keep telling and exposing. The government is not wise and smart in that. Every time I send a message I'm getting higher and higher in the LORD. I feel infinitely more and more free and happier than the perfect or pluperfect happiness or freedom I was feeling before. I'm higher in life always. In my messages I'm saying things each time that I already wanted to say. I would have went on Oprah talking about some of this stuff. I felt something continually on December 11,2023, during the night, a burning or eternal freedom, happiness, or joy (that wasn't anxiety as some of you might have thought) that assured me of life eternal in my physical body. God revealed to me what I had known all along, but relatively in an even more intense way. It was like no time was moving or no aging to death. It was the power of eternal life. I still feel it. He showed me how it is and how it's done to achieve it. And yes, faith or belief is in it. I'm even gaining life by composing and sending my message(s) , increasing my eternal years/life. Moving or provoking me is gaining me life.

p.23—Trust me, if anybody is connected to God, or in good with God, it's me. Y'all are in some delusional world, many of you, where y'all think this stuff they have created, these state-run churches, is what life is: Y'all really think that. But they've set that up to keep y'all controlled, and to try to help give y'all something interesting enough (though still relatively boring) , so y'all can stay in it and they can do whatever they want to do. Y'all are still a part of the church, because they got y'all. Y'all haven't been freed or exempt(ed) . I have come to you all through my messages and given you Freedom, but you don't want Freedom from me, and it's affecting your lives and how you treat other people. What people are doing needs to be exposed. It needs to be ended. The behavior of people is one of the reasons why Scottie Harmon and Scotty Robinson suffered as much as they did. People suffer so much of what they do suffer, because nobody really cares, or nobody really seems to care. I have the recipe, I have the message, I have the truth, that will free the world. It's my message; it's my gospel: because my gospel is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Joshua, who's in line with Jesus—Joshua Christ, who's of Jesus Christ—that's the true Message. When you get my message, then you're free: because you're not bound. They got y'all scared of everything… A lot of things, at least. And one of the dumbest things of all, is the government thinks they can treat me like some kind of mindless or spineless child. They think they need to subject me to things they think human robots should do. I'm like God in human form.

p.24—I'm above their sinister plans. I'm a genius. I'm brilliant. It's like I'm from the vein or cloth of Francis Bacon, and, in many ways, from the same of Thomas Paine. I'm a master. I'm someone to lead the world. I'm a world leader. I remember that guy at Walmart from Port Arthur was telling me years ago that I was really a leader, not a follower. He was saying some good stuff. He liked when I talked about the world: when I spoke of the world as not just being the system but the people, also. He was amazed at the way I said it. He's a brilliant and interesting guy, too. I'm a hero. I'm a leader. All praise to God. All glory goes to God for his Grace. If you notice in all my messages, I'm always giving God credit or acknowledging him, and I never disdain him. I'm always saying good stuff… about God. If you notice, I just keep getting blessed. I'm connected with the Angels. I'm connected with God. They love me, because I listen to them. A lot of people aren't doing what they're supposed to do. I'm relaxed, me. I been gave people the option, set me up: Put me in your churches, open the door, get me in your churches… let me start preaching (preaching therein) , telling the truth (what y'all need to hear) , and things'll be taken up. God's gonna uplift y'all to where y'all truly need to be, and would truly love to be. Y'all have to get me to preach and teach the message, that will heal the nations. During one of my sermons I should just walk out the church, and let the church reflect on the message, while I go to Pizza Hut and eat some pizza. Eating good is a part of the message. Somebody can be blessed to finish the world peace message while I'm gone… to Pizza Hut.

p.25—When God reveals something to somebody, stop lying about the person lying. The person is right with what they're talking about… Lying in that way… or relatively any way… is a form of blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. A lot of direct and indirect rejections of the truth… people display every day. If people are going through gang-stalking or mind-control, I have a webpage for that. If people are suffering or going through racism or white supremacy, I have a webpage for that. If people want to be taken to higher levels of joy or truth, or peacefulness, the heavenly experience, I have a webpage for that. I have the messages, the quotes or quotations, the information, necessary. What is your message? What message do you have or got? It reminds me of Pastor Hodges' message, 'What is Your Account? ' He was so happy that day. I'm telling y'all, I'm alive! And y'all, many of you, think by plotting to keep ignoring me, you'll be able to end the truth… my messages, or me. Though such won't happen. I'm eternal, and so is the truth and my message of truth. Only thing you're doing by ignoring (or trying to ignore) me is ignoring God. You're ignoring his message. I'm one of the only ones that's really freeing people. The numerical value of free is 34; grace (unmerited favor) is 34; dark (hidden, or being able to be yourself in private) is 34… Many of y'all are in hell. And I deliver you out of hell, get you out of that slavery church, in the name of Jesus. Many of you wish I was medicated, or out there in pubic, a slave to society. But I'm not.

p.26—I'm definitely gonna list some stuff people need to watch, books they need to read to help them, in future messages. If church was so good, why aren't a lot of people there! ? Exactly! Somebody can make that into a message. Message entitled 'None.' How many in such and such's family go to church? None. What is sad to people is, the church isn't doing their part. Bishop Pearson even admitted church got boring (in the COGIC denomination) , that the message got boring, which could (also) apply to most, if not all, mainstream or so-called orthodox churches or denominations. All Souls Unitarian Church, a church he fellowshipped and preached at, is more so an inclusive church, or church of inclusivism. They embrace the good, or what they think is good, in all (sects, societies, cultures, or) religions. They may teach primarily the Bible (or teach from or using the Bible) , or at times, but they respect Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, etc. And they're right. Everything has truth, or at least got some truth, even if just a little, in it. So their church is in many good ways different from some of the things you find in the Baptist, COGIC, Presbyterian, etc., churches. That doesn't mean it's better in every way, but, still, I'd think the freer you are, the more you'd like to attend a church like theirs (All Souls Unitarian Church…) . They're similar to Rosicrucians… I would classify them as having New Age doctrines. One of the reasons Bishop Carlton Pearson went to church was because he was raised in church. It's similar to people being slaves, because they were raised in slavery. Everybody doesn't go to church because they love going to church, but because they were raised in it… a relatively true statement for many… true for some, but not necessarily true for others…

p.27—To my knowledge, there isn't a Unitarian Universalist church in Orange, Texas, like All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Many churches are dead. Carlton Pearson loved things about the COGIC denomination (church or churches) , but overall he was dissatisfied with their doctrines and religious ways (or customs) . What church does Jay-Z go to? What church does Miley Cyrus go to? What church does Madonna go to? You may not care. But that's the point: You need to care. I like that, that I prove/proved my point. What church does Little Richard go to? He's passed away, hasn't he! ? Stopped you in your tracks right there. We need to get this train moving. At the great level I'm on, the stuff churches are doing, is boring. Once in a lifetime, here and there, or never attending any of these modern-day churches, would I do good doing. Since I've left the church, I've progressed, but some people have went downhill, and it may be better for them to attend churches than to not. I'm better (in a better place spiritually or mentally) not attending churches. A guy who goes by the name T.K./T. K. (Tee-Kay) is proof of the injustice and slavery in the church. He's been called and is known as the Walking Bible, similar to Jack Van Impe. He knows the Bible very well. He's memorized many verses. But people got jealous of him, because of his wisdom, and they couldn't control him like they wanted to. So they conspired to make his time in the church relatively difficult and useless. He could have taken things much higher in these churches. I remember in the parking lot of H-E-B I told him, pointing upward and downward, as if to say whether on earth or in heaven, whether up there or down here, I'm (still) in heaven. He had a perfect Bible verse which relatively and perfectly matched what I was saying.

p.28—And I told him, as we were talking and smiling and joyfully laughing, that he still had it. He still has it together. And the verse he chose is perfect, because it acknowledges the fact that in Heaven (or heaven) things are much better than this counterfeit system man has created and is holding on to vainly and stupidly. Reminding us not to forget things are much better in heaven, even though we have Heaven or God within us, and even though we're on earth. Everybody in Heaven (or heaven) has it together. I have it together, but not everybody else is showing through their life or behavior or ideologies that they have it together here on earth (or Earth) . Be different with different people, rather than trying to deal with people the exact same way… I'm still the king, and I'm still running things… I'm still winning… What people need to do is look at IndustryHoax Revealed's videos on YouTube and they will see what the government is doing through the media, celebrities, television, to keep the people under control, even through music they're doing things. And Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Kanye, Kim Kardashian are all playing the game, even my bay-bay, or baby, Madonna. She probably should be having one of my babies—it'll teach Miley Cyrus a lesson: I'm just kidding, with that… Kanye is hilarious: the stuff that he be saying. I remember I was talking about how Steve Jobs was dead. And Nikola Tesla was dead. And then they had Kanye go on a skit (perform a skit) talking about how Steve Jobs is dead, etc.

p.29—Ha-ha… They do some funny stuff… You gotta give it to those cats—cats and dogs—chicken wangs (wings) … See, hating me will not help you out there. You gotta love me, because I'm the King. Jesus has destined me to be the one to take things up to a higher level, not reduce them down to the Devil: but take them to a higher level; take the people, take the things… I got, through the Lord, webpages with all-that revelation. I got something that can change the world, free people. My webpages can heal the masses. You're going through, you go there, and you get through it… All those people at Cypresswood (Crossing) doing all that stuff to gang-stalk or harass me, for them it just went all in vain. I'm still shining. The government still haven't got me to do what they want, in terms of the workforce or getting medicated. Woo-hoo! And they shouldn't try. They should be very thankful that I got guts, and I'm standing up for truth. That should be more important to them, that I'm doing what's right, not that I'm doing things contrary to their enslavement of the population. (In other words, I'm doing what's right, by fulfilling Freedom, that's what they should focus on, more so, and not the fact that I'm against their wickedness, although I am against it. By them not truly seeing what I'm doing, it means they're overlooking the good, which they should be seeing.) The government is doing things, without doing what's right, contrary to what the Founding Fathers of America, through the wisdom of God or the Lord, gave us to lead us on the right path. The path of J. C., Jesus Christ. He wants us to join hands and sing a song, and get along, and go along with the truth, and read that story about Ruth. And love each of our teeth, and the tooth fairy, too.

p.30—On Thanksgiving Day my mom said Keith passed away… When people die by suicide especially, and it happens on a certain day connected to people close to them in some way, it could be they're trying to get a message through. Someone passed away recently like that supposedly… Many of those who are depressed, and who commit suicide (supposedly) , needed to remain off of work, but they were goaded or hounded… to go to or be at work… 'From Atheist to Ambassador: The First Sixty Years' by James R. Hall II, is a good book to read… a decent and interesting book to read… with useful information… there are some typos in the edition I have, but that's not necessarily his fault: somebody could have edited it thoroughly for him. But because of the insane self-reliance game of the world, so many things people are necessitated to do for themselves… I'm glad Chad Smith kicked their butt: the government. In the sense of being able to be on disability. He shouldn't have had to be working in the workforce. Chad needed to get out of that stuff. His style is just to be free. He was a good worker, handling business, in the workforce, but he's better outside of it… Working or slaving in the workforce and getting retirement around fifty or sixty, for instance, for some people the idea may be decent of doing that, but such can lead to 'the tyranny of the majority, ' wherein people think that's how things should be, though it is not. That's just what the government has set up for y'all, and many of you chose or choose to go that way or stay that way, or with that belief.

p.31—But God has blessed me, and continues to bless me, outside of the workforce. Y'all may say y'all are blessed being in the workforce or having slaved many years in it, whether retired or not. But my way is not the workforce… And I'm glad Andrea Robinson had the courage to be Andrea, to make that shift as a trans, or to be a woman, having the confidence to be who she is, Andrea Robinson. And also Catherine/Katherine Smith, too. They may be going through the judgment of others, and they are, but they're able to be who they are: Free, and not bizarre: they're beautiful as a star. Support, comfort, resonation, one nation, contemplation, elevation, they feel when they're around amiable others, or those agreeably like them… I'd marry women and trans women. For instance, I'd marry Mia Isabella, Foxxy, Jade Venus, Venus Lux, Carlton Pearson's daughter, J.Lo, Miley Cyrus, etc., and an East Indian woman right now. We could have the marriage at Church's Chicken. Jesus and Lucifer approve of transgenders or transgenderism. I see trans as being in a spiritual place where, if they were once Andre, they're now truly Andrea, a woman. Transformed by the renewing of their mind, or approval of their mind, of accepting who they are or think they are. They think, therefore they are who they are… They are who they think they are… I'm always connected to God or LORD. I don't play spitefully with Jesus. I play basketball, but I don't don't disrespect Jesus: J.C. Nor do I disrespect C.J./C. J. (Charles Hodges Jr.) , or Bishop Charles Hodges' son. Because I love him. That's my boy… Christ is in each one of us…

p.32—'And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world' - 1 John 2: 2. Bishop Carlton Pearson, who deserved the title of a Bishop, because of his life and faithful work in the LORD, viewed that verse as not just meaning that Jesus died for everybody… and gives them a chance if they accept him, but viewed it as meaning that he just died and everything and everybody is taken care of, whether they accept him or not: they're clean (or cleansed… from sin) . In the sense of that verse, that's how he interpreted it years ago, in his own words. He agreed to transgenderism, that trans are loved, and they're okay (safe in God) . And Michael Bernard Beckwith viewed homosexuality and transgenderism… as a miracle. I agree, at least to a great degree, what both of them believed was/is true. I'm through… with this message. And Carlton Pearson still deserves to be considered a bishop… and angel, too. And true human being… And so do you deserve to… be considered special and authentic, as God has designed you. God made each of us perfectly. And we always will be perfect in God's eyes, and special in his heart.

- Joshua Aaron Guillory

(December 12,2023,10: 09 a.m.)

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Friday, December 15, 2023
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