A Beacon Of Light In A Cold, Dark World Poem by rk gurung

A Beacon Of Light In A Cold, Dark World

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He is alone in the night,
But he has a good heart that glows with light.
He gives a lot and expects nothing back,
In a world that is cold and black.

He is kind and follows the right path,
But evil people make him suffer their wrath.
But he does not change or lie,
Because he wants to make the world a better sky.

His heart aches when people are mean,
But he stays calm and serene.
He does not seek for faults, but virtues,
In a world where wicked people have issues.

He still believes in love and hope,
His heart makes big dreams and can cope.
But he is sad a lot of times,
He wishes the world would be gentle and have chimes.

They laugh at him, his good ways,
But he sees good in everyone always.
He is kind to those who do wrong,
Because he knows love can make them strong.

He is loyal, strong, and brave too,
Not like those who are fake and blue.
He works hard and tries his best,
For a world where everyone can have rest.

He does not want power or glory,
But a world where people share their story.
He starts again every day,
Hoping one day his dreams will come true and stay.

A good person in a tough world,
He smiles through pain, that's all he can afford.
He should have more, but he does not ask,
He is a light in the dark, that's his task.

We hope the world will change for good,
We will be kind like we should.
Because in his heart, we can see,
A better world, where we can be free.

Sunday, September 10, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: hope,rhyme,loneliness,kindness,suffering,affinity and love
Skye Williams 03 October 2023

this is so beautiful, i really relate to this

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Jayne Louise Davies 03 October 2023

Congratulations on Member poem of the day! Well done.

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Lovely poem! No wonder, this poem has been selected as Poem Of The Day on PoemHunter today. Congratulations on POD. Feels good to welcome you to PoemHunter, dear poet. All the best

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