Mosi Mustapha Gomina

A Beggar's Plea - Poem by Mosi Mustapha Gomina

Do not pass me by, my friend; look at me;
do you not think me worthy of your gaze?
Wait and listen to this poor beggar's plea;
for the turns in my life are but a maze.

I'm an orphan, ma'am; a month past age nine;
a victim of Nature's incessant tricks;
a cursed child whose roots had left him behind
when they swayed in tune to death's calling beats.

I've been driven away from existence;
a persistent stench from Nature's bottom;
left hanging in discomfort's heightened fence;
like a pair of balls bound in life's scrotum.

All my life, I have been chained in bondage;
chained away from the sweet-scented roses;
my ears blocked from the wordings of a sage;
into my life, emptiness imposes.

But curse me if I refuse to bless you;
for I see within you the radiant sun;
for all my distress, God'll bless all you do;
I pray that for you, a blessing is born.

Wait, sweet lady, I beg you not to go;
take pity upon me and listen more;
for to everyone, I appear a foe;
you'll change that if you'll be my soul's succour.

I perceive you were born into a home;
yes, you were; but that's not the case with us;
we were birthed in gutters and alone;
who are we to oppose God's will and force?

Behold you steps; laced with parental love;
I'm certain both of them are still alive;
how lucky! I wish I could be that solved;
I'd probably not rot beneath life's hive.

'Feed me a sorrow'; someone once told me;
he lingered also in a distressed state;
now I hear he was drowned in the cold sea;
thus I must wonder; will that be my fate?

You see it is not all about money;
or a bowl filled with coins or five-pound notes;
for my life has been a morbid journey;
all I ask from you is a word of hope.

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